Nicole Kidman Reveals The Fury She Took Home After The Abusive Scenes In Big Little Lies

World famous actress Nicole Kidman, 49, has gone on record about the devastatingly abusive scenes shot alongside co-star Alexander Skarsgaard in HBO’s Big Little Lies mini drama series, and since we also watched the full series, we are very interested in what she had to say about filming the scenes with her physically and sick-sexually abusive on-screen character of a husband in “Perry”.

Nicole Kidman, who plays Celeste Wright, a lawyer that gave up her work to take care of the twin children in the series, told the Hollywood Reporter, “I went home and I threw a rock through a glass door. I was obviously holding all that rage at what had been done.”

Apparently then, we could immediately gather that the director took way too many takes which might suggest that the abusive scenes went into overdrive, but only director Jean Marc Vallee, the crew, Alexander Skarsgaard and Nicole Kidman know exactly how many takes they had to get through in order to get things in the can.

Nicole Kidman’s domestic abuse scene – Credit: Vulture

Co-star in the series, Reese Witherspoon who plays Madeline, recalls getting a phone call from Nicole one night, saying, “We were staying at a hotel and she called me and she said, ‘I’ve just done the craziest thing.’ She got home from work and she had one of these horrible scenes and she goes, I couldn’t get into my hotel room so I threw a rock through the window.’ And she goes, ‘I don’t do stuff like that.”

Throughout the series the dynamic between wife and husband of Celeste and Perry develops to reveal him being very abusive, jealous and controlling, slapping her when she says something wrong or steps out line, with forcible grabbing, pulling and pushing, until it eventually leads into wild passionate sex. So, all in all, imagine if Nicole had to do ten takes of a certain scene like that, then you can just do the maths yourself.

Stanley Kubrick would be proud, although we are sure the mental abuse that Shelley Duvall suffered in the making of ‘The Shining‘ was ten times as bad.

Anyway, Nicole said about a certain day of filming for a scene in the final episode, “I remember lying on the floor in the last episode, being in my underwear and having just been really thrown around. I just lay on the floor. I couldn’t get up. I didn’t want to get up. And I remember Jean-Marc [director] coming over and putting a towel over me in between the takes because I was just like… I just felt completely humiliated and devastated. And angry inside.”

The violence escalates to sex pretty quickly – Credit: Daily Mail

We can imagine so, in front of all the crew and cast members on set, that it would be quite a horrific ordeal given that it did get quite physical on camera in the series. But to Nicole Kidman’s credit, the story of Perry and Celeste was the most engaging subplot of the first season of Big Little Lies and they were most definitely the standout performances by a country mile in the series.

If you didn’t know, sometimes as an actor, you make that sacrifice and that’s why they get paid a lot of money in which to do so, mostly in Hollywood, of course. Otherwise, as an actor about 90% are not making a living out of the very difficult profession to succeed in.

Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgaard said about filming the very arduous scenes to Vanity Fair, “It was very important to reconnect after shooting those scenes. We made a point of checking in with each other, giving each other a hug.”

Absolutely that would be the least that anyone should agree on, in filming such scenes, but apparently it wasn’t enough for Nicole Kidman, who said that she suffered bruises and even took painkillers after her shoots, in order to deal with some of the aftershock of shooting such scenes.

Nicole Kidman deserves an award for her performance in Big Little Lies – Credit: Heightline

Now we did enjoy watching Big Little Lies, however, the ending of the first season was absolutely pathetic, which saw Perry being killed by Zoe Kravitz’s character at a Monterrey community cocktail fundraiser. How you might ask?

Well, once Perry is told by Celeste that she’s going to be leaving him, they are already arriving at the party, so he starts drinking and he then confronts his wife, whilst she refuses to speak with him in front of her two friends, away from the prying eyes of the majority of the party, outside at a medium landing ahead of a concrete staircase, so after she refuses to leave the party with him, they get physical and Perry then proceeds to also beat up Madeline and Jane, physically fighting all three of them (what?), until character number four, Bonnie, runs up behind him and pushes him down the stairs.

And, he falls down the stairs and smashes his head and dies. What a joke! So, Perry is now dead and the show culminated in the most bizarre way, ever. Not very realistic at all…

Perhaps, they could’ve written a better ending, one which might have existed in a reality somewhere, as this ending was absurd, bordering on the ludicrous. Apart from that the TV show was very good in parts. We wonder if this was an exaggeration from the novel or what have you?

Well regardless, we will await to see what happens in Season 2 and what’s going to happen next, with Celeste now a widow in a murder mystery, we presume.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Buy the first season here & sorry for the spoiler!

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