Playboy to Honor Playmates of Years Past

Playboy Magazine and Playboy Enterprises, founded by Hugh Hefner in 1953 and currently being ran by his son Cooper Hefner as Chief Creative Officer, have decided to make their motto and philosophy clear to their readers: “Once you’re a Playmate, you’re always a Playmate”. We think that code of honour is just marvellous. Applause is heard from miles afar, emanating from the Brainstain office.

What does that mean exactly? Well, you probably already guessed it by now. Playboy have invited numerous cover stars and Playmates to come back and re-create their famous Magazine spreads from yesteryear in a pure salute to female beauty and female empowerment, by showing that women can be sexy at any age. We commend and find this sort of idea to be just what the world needs right now, what with burgeoning and frightening feminism being rife across the world. Clearly this move by Playboy is very liberating for the female form, altogether. (Further applause is heard around the world)

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This is such a genius idea that even Cooper Hefner asked his mother, Kimberly Conrad Hefner to re-create her pose as a Playmate, too.

Playboy invited seven Playmates back to show that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that age is nothing but a number. Pure class from Playboy, we think.

Cooper Hefner explained on Instagram, “We decided to re-shoot a bunch of our old covers. I was sitting with my mom on Mother’s Day and thought, “Hey mom, do you want the opportunity to re shoot your old cover? A pretty unconventional Mother’s Day present, but she said yes.”

Without further ado, let’s now take a look at this brilliant idea in action, shall we?

Kimberly Conrad Hefner in 1988. Credit: Playboy

Any Playboy fan might remember this famous cover of the model that later married Hugh Hefner. Maybe you found it in your father’s underwear drawer? Fast forward to the year of 2017 and boom! Doesn’t she still look beautiful now, if not more so than ever before? So much so for society’s conditioning to say that women can’t be sexy in their thirties, forties, fifties and sixties, eh?

Kimberly Conrad Hefner today. Credit: Playboy

With Cooper Hefner involved as Chief Creative Officer, we are seeing the legacy of the true spirit of Hefnerism as opposed to Feminism by continuing to honour female beauty in all forms. Candace Collins, another Playmate of year’s gone passed whom is now at the ripe old age of 60 years old, wrote the following on her blog after being contacted by Cooper via email to participate in this groundbreaking project: “You could’ve knocked me over with a bunny tail!”.

Candace Collins in 1979 vs 2017. Credit: Playboy

Doesn’t she still look great? Candace stated that she was floored when she received the email from Playboy, stating “I was thrilled and then terrified and then determined – determined to make this shoot something I would be proud of and also, in a way, let the world know that women of a certain age still have a lot of fight and spirit left in them long after their 20’s disappear.”

We couldn’t agree more, and this is exactly the point that Playboy is making with this series and this is exactly the sort of rhetoric we also believe in here at Brainstain, as well. For society has been pressuring women into thinking that they’re old way too soon, which in turn also pressures women into the wrong sort of thinking. Not to mention it also puts all sorts of pressure on men in relationships.

Here’s another fine throwback. If the last one didn’t convince you otherwise, you’ll see that women can always be beautiful despite their age in this next picture.

Renee Tenison in 1990 vs. 2017. Which side is better? Neither, because both are great! Credit: Playboy

Renee Tenison was Playmate of the Year in the year of 1990, and the first African-American Playmate of the year. Back then, people said that she was being “objectified”. Comments like that probably come from the racial race haters of their own ethnicity in all likelihood. Here’s what the now 48-year old model had to say about revisiting the famous cover and shoot: “If you look back, all the big models from Christy Turlington to Naomi Campbell posed nude. I see it as art. Not everybody sees it that way, but that’s how I see it”.

Indeed the female form is art, so if one wishes to make art with the female form, at any age, it is still beautiful. Lisa Matthews, who was Playmate of the Year in 1991, returned at 47-years of age and commented about the time when her Playmate cover was released: “I’d sit there and say, “Oh, which one?” Like you have to say it! If you have enough guts to come up and say something, then you’ve got to be able to say Playboy”.

Lisa Matthews in June 1991 vs June 2017. Simply stunning! Credit: Playboy 

So there you have it! Women can be beautiful for as long as they want to be. To hell with society’s constructs and their social conditioning to make people think of such awful ideas. To them we say “screw off, man!” to all of that nonsense.

Other Playmates that will re-create their covers include Charlotte Kemp, Cathy St. George and Monique St. Pierre to complete the collection of seven Playmates returning to complete this very cool series of female empowerment.

Brainstain, over and out!

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