Theresa May’s Election Plan Backfires, But Remains Victorious as Prime Minister

Seven weeks ago, Theresa May came out and called for a general election in the United Kingdom, (much to the surprise to everyone in the country), believing that she would need a strong and stable government to deliver Brexit and she was expecting to win a majority in Parliament, to finally spell a “political death” for the Labour party.

However, this morning that plan has come unstuck with the conservative party losing more seats to the Labour party. It’s safe to say Theresa May’s plan completely backfired, despite wining with a final total of Conservative votes of 315 and Labour’s votes with a total of 261.

So, does this mean that we will once again be graced with the genius that is Diane Abbott? Let’s definitely hope so, as we really enjoy all her major fails on radio and television.

We thought this morning that terrorist sympathiser and well known communist-marxist party leader Jeremy Corbyn, would finally be gone for good, perhaps even applying to be the new President of Venezuela. But no!

We will unfortunately have to see more of this marxist communist muppet in the coming future.

This means that the daily battle between Conservatives and the Labour party will be back on again, and unfortunately it sheds some questions over Brexit. However, with Brexit still very much on the cards for the sanctity of the United Kingdom, let’s hope that Theresa May fights even harder to get this over the line. Don’t give up, Miss May!

Theresa May now has to deal with a Hung Parliament. Credit: Daily Mail

Perhaps is there a way that Nigel Farage can step in and save the country somehow? Wishful thinking at this stage. If Theresa May would ever step down, could Nigel Farage ever be able step in somehow?

We encourage Theresa May to fight on, as the United Kingdom needs to stand up against the evils of socialism, which has already destroyed Germany, France, Sweden and the majority of EU countries.

Today’s result has seen an immediate drop in the Pound Sterling by 2%, so well played to all those Labour voters and their planned summer lager lout trips to Torremolinos, Magaluf and Tenerife. Major facepalm!

It’s clear still that there are still many backwards thinking and clueless people out there in the United Kingdom, swayed easily by socialist news networks and the left leaning media.

Do those people who voted for Labour in the United Kingdom really want to give up their freedom’s to a worldwide shadow government? Seemingly so, since they’re clueless as to what their Labour and Green votes really entail.

Luckily the Conservatives remain in power, but this isn’t the result that the United Kingdom really needed right now.

Security has been stepped up outside Jeremy Corbyn’s house since this morning.  Credit: Daily Mail

It will be interesting now to see what happens next. We definitely suggest that Diane Abbott comes back as soon as possible, as the Labour’s home secretary, post-haste!

Brexit is still on, but Nigel Farage has said that this has now been “damaged”, so perhaps if there was a way that Nigel Farage could help in the Brexit negotiations, that would be great, though that entirely remains to be wishful thinking at this stage.

The U.K. needs strong and stable leadership, and as such, it’s time for Theresa May to get even tougher, which we know she can do. Theresa May has no intention of resigning, so that may very well may be the case, so let’s hope that she’s going to knuckle down and fight the delusional Labour party even more so, now. Go May, GO! Great speech too.

Plus, Nigel Farage has just stated that he might be forced to jump in as UKIP leader once again. Go on Nigel! The United Kingdom needs you. Maybe you could you just step in as the Conservative leader sometime soon? It is unlikely that such a genius thought could ever happen, right?

Lots of wishful thinking this morning. Theresa May must fight on even harder now and just think of how she didn’t even need to do this in the first place, but she did, and now everyone must face the consequences.

Let’s remind Labour voters and all those Remoaners out there that Theresa May still won in the end. So, not as bad of a result as if Labour had won. Just imagine that horror?! If that had happened, then London would then be changing its name to “Londonistan”, after only a few years. Theresa May has also just announced that she is going to form a new government.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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