Why Cultural Appropriation Is A Completely Ridiculous Concept

In the times of 2016 through to 2017, the left-wing liberal media, the very pathetic “Buzzfeed” hipster communist unit and the brainwashing by the left-wing and inclusion of backwards racist activists’ that have tried to make cultural appropriation a “thing” and all be it some sort of crime. At Brainstain, we find the people who pursue this sort of rhetoric to be abhorrent and everything that is wrong with 2016 through to 2017 and in this world even, because this terminology holds no weight in reality, as god has created it.

Should we see some cultural appropriation backlash in action, from San Francisco State University, where a totally backwards and the definition of a “liberal intolerant” campus employee harasses a man in the name of cultural appropriation, so let’s see it now, shall we?

Absolutely ridiculous! This was a University employee, all be it at a state University in the capital of intolerance and fascism, we bring you San Francisco. Yes, nowhere else in the world does Demofascism and Antifa and idiotic Hipster’s find their little safe spaces to reside in, more so than in this city. Presumably, in order to combat living in the real world, these liberal snowflakes, some of whom are violent towards conservative and logical viewpoints, which goes some way to show you, just how much damage CNN and the mainstream news media have already caused, with their fake news narratives to support Satan’s liberal agenda, across the board.

So nowadays, lots of people prefer to avoid this town like the plague. Some even prefer to avoid the whole state of California altogether. Why?

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Well, nothing says being liberal more than violently not accepting other people’s views, right? The idiocy is rife and this is where low lives and drug addicts can find some meaning in their lives, like by joining Antifa as a transgender man-woman or as a village barista during the daytime, let’s just say, this is the majority of this town in a nutshell, at the moment. And, we say this with very sad faces. Just imagine any place in California, that if you said you voted for Donald J. Trump then you might be liable to get beat up on the street, so regarding the past election, people have learnt to say “There were no good candidates and Bernie Sanders should’ve won”.


How is that for freedom of speech? California has become a barren wasteland of intolerance and delusion. Maybe, it’s the legal weed in the dispensaries or maybe it’s even the psychotic street weed that they have there, too? Who knows? Who cares? Liberal they are not, intolerant they are, “YES!”

Anyway, let’s get down to brass tacks about the whole cultural appropriation spiel and the complete political correctness bullsh*t of it all, where it breathes and even survives under. So, before we tear it to shreds, let’s see everyone’s favourite idiot of the moment, Satan’s little helper Katy Perry and her recent comments of crocodile tears in pushing the cultural appropriation agenda. (FACEPALM so HARD!) WATCH!

Who can stand this fake lesbian by now? Have we had enough of her roaring and her ever-growing a** and her need to dye her hair to appear as some sort of ugly feminist? Nobody can stand her, but yet there she is, marking herself as a self-important social justice warrior at every opportunity. Zzzzzzzzz! Would she just go and f*ck off already (Queen’s English) please?

Now back to the cultural appropriation phenomenon which sees college campuses go into uproar in America, which makes you wonder how parents feel about paying upwards of $35k a year for their children to be liberally indoctrinated into a bunch of marxist thugs, doesn’t it? Yes, if you’re white, or not black or of any other colour for that matter, and you return from Cancun after Spring break with braids, you might be subjected to vile and disgusting verbal abuse and also be threatened with violence. Ultimately, you could be beaten up too.

Yes, on college campuses in America you better watch your back nowadays, since the unformed minds of post-pubescent children are violent after watching racial hatred being spewed by CNN and by other news networks and also by their marxist professors. Seemingly, college educated kids of America are all a bunch of “social justice warrior” losers in this modern-day and age. A horrific discovery for any parent that sent them to college with such expensive fees in addition to losing their children to this indoctrination of being entirely intolerant to conservative views or for any other views whatsoever, which differs from their own. We mean, someone else’s views, which is of course, at the very core of the indoctrination of young minds.

This new generation, let’s call them the “Generation S” the undoubtedly “Stupid Generation” of modern times.

The Cultural appropriation argument and “backlash” is racial hatred defined and personified, yet disguised under the guise of the term “cultural appropriation”, but let’s now see some more social justice warrior idiots on college campuses in America. They’re so offended and boy are we glad that we didn’t go to college in these deluded times, after Barack Obama, that president who made everybody just focus on race and the goal of division in society. Yes, he created young minds that are so backwards and stupid, that the mere sound of them speaking is enough to make you cringe into a sudden death. Can you believe all this political correctness and all this horsesh*t coming out of the mouths of these dumb people? We can’t, so just WATCH!

But, we can agree that Bill Maher that slimy liberal talk show host really crossed the line by actually being racist by calling himself a “House N*****” on live television. Only to bring Ice Cube in on a later show to apologise and have Ice Cube calmly and coolly destroy his argument like an ice cube, in order for Bill to save face and for him to keep his job. That was racist. But, the cultural appropriation argument is inherently stupid and has nothing to do with racial appropriation or racism, at all.

Let’s give you examples of why it is inherently stupid, shall we? Well, for starters should we call out Beyonce as using cultural appropriation for sporting straight blonde hair? Maybe, we should or should we just let Sasha Fierce just go about her business? Same goes for Blac “Pariah” Chyna, so then, should we also berate Chris Brown for dyeing his hair blonde, as it might offend Scandinavians? Probably not, right?

Should we hate Mario Lopez and call him out for cultural appropriation for acting so white throughout his whole career? Is that cultural appropriation too? We are becoming more and more confused as we write this. Should all white people who like and work within the Hip-Hop music industry be called out as racist cultural appropriator’s? Hmmmm. Should Eminem come out and apologise? Should he? Should he, really?

Should we bring back and burn Christina Aguilera at the stake for sporting blonde braids for her Dirrty video? Should Alfonso Ribeiro, better known as Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, be lambasted for wearing Argyle sweaters on the popular 90’s TV show? Should we attack him for culturally appropriating white culture for his dancing moves, in it being so white and without rhythm? Was that racist? Or should we just let him enjoy Tom Jones, because he just likes that sound and he really gets down to it? You be the judge…

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Should people who wear American Indian chief headdress to Coachella be crucified for disrespecting American Indians? Should the Cleveland Indians change their name? Should the Washington Redskins, do the same?

Should we all just calm the f*ck down and have a cup of tea or something? Perhaps, a cup of coffee so people can wake the f*ck up, perhaps? Since, it’s clear that the cultural appropriation argument is a divisive and made up construct that caters into the minds of the least intelligent people that are out there. It’s for all those sensitive Sally’s out there, that need a box of tissues and that actually need to “man up or woman up” instead of coming across like lobotomized sheep, right?

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So, with that in mind, today at the Brainstain office, we decided to culturally appropriate and perpetuate as many stereotypes as possible and we did all that we could (honestly), starting with a Breakfast Burrito, even though it’s still Ramadan, before we prayed five times today, whilst dressed as an American Indian, then listening to some heavy-handed Hip-Hop music, followed by chicken wings and Kool-Aid for lunch, in respect to all our African-American friends, but then later we changed into some traditional Viking helmet attire and started to write again, but not before, already line dancing as a team throughout the afternoon to the sounds of Islamic prayers in the background and then finishing the day off with some good ol’ Piñata bashing in the centre of our office. Only to wrap the day off with some Hooka pipe smoking antics, filled with sticky and fruity tobacco from the Middle East, to end the day off on a very relaxing note. Ah, that was really nice, wasn’t it?

Oh, lest we forget, that we also zen’d out and participated in some Hindu spiritualism as well, just for good measure.

How did we do in culturally appropriating just about everything? Did we offend anyone? Plus, right now one of our runners just came back into the office after visiting the barber on his late lunch break, sporting a full on Afro, so what’s the problem with all that? We are all human and in participating in other cultures, we actually respect and learn them, so it’s not something that should be frowned upon, so…..

P.S. Buzzfeed are serious race baiters and race haters. PEACE!

Let’s hope that we didn’t offend anybody now, right?

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: JETmag

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  1. that wasn’t braids in the dirrty video lol not even similar, and yeah cultural appropriation is ridiculous, every hairstyle has different importance and meaning in different cultures and none is pertaining to just one specific culture

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