EA’s E3 2017 Press Conference: Sports, Action and Star Wars

Hello Gamers, did you get enough fill of games during arguably the greatest conference in the whole world, the E3 game conference, well did you? Did you miss out? We think you might have done, so we will gladly be bringing you all the HOT gaming news until the end of the week, commencing with EA and EA Sports latest in-coming goodies that we can all look forward to. Also, NBA Live 2018, which makes a much anticipated return!. Pure gaming overload, right now! So, come we go!  Let’s check it out!

Will you buy them all? Let’s run through a list of all the superb games in a quick re-cap, shall we? So, let’s break it down and feel free to hit those Amazon links and Pre-Order your copies of all these stellar games, so that you don’t miss out!

  • Madden 18, for your NFL passion. It’s a must buy for any American Football enthusiast!
  • FIFA 18 is coming and play as Alex Hunter, with more of The Journey, with even featured motion capture from Cristiano Ronaldo himself.
  • NBA Live 18 – Features a complete overhaul to battle back against the lesser liked 2k basketball gaming franchise series. Nice to have EA Sports back with an NBA game. Will we buy it, you betcha’ yo’ as* we will!
  • Hey, all you Star Wars geeks! Star Wars Battlefront 2 is coming soon and they’ve reacted to constructive feedback. Oh yes, so expect an epic cinema calibre story with a full offline story mode now included. We’re about to have a “nerdgasm”, right now!

Credit: DailyMail/MrAlexHunter/Twitter

So, now let’s see the FIFA 18 Gameplay trailer, shall we? It’s only the greatest and most consistent selling game, there probably ever was.

If all that wasn’t enough, then that wasn’t even it! Have you ever heard of A Way Out, well now you have, and this prison escape action game, seemingly loosely inspired by the Escape from Alcatraz film, so you can feel like Clint Eastwood as you hatch a plan to escape the confines of those iron bars. You’ll definitely need a spoon for this one. Just check this out!

If that’s not fun, then we do not know what is and this game will be arriving in early 2018, so put that in your calendars, folks. But, what else did EA reveal at the E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles? Before we tell you, you need to see this Gameplay trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront 2, since this will have you glued to your sofa with square eyes for months and months, when it’s finally released on November 17th, 2017. May the force be with you, until then.

So, after that, how can we top it? Well, we can’t, but we will try, as we bring you something for those that simply do not like Star Wars, so you can still get a fill of some Sci-Fi action from the legendary game maker EA, with their release of Anthem from Bioware, a spin on the post-apocalyptic game trend, so come take a look, because you love yourself some post apocalyptic Sci-Fi games from the future, don’t you? Narrated by John Warner, the game director for Anthem (Xbox One)please enjoy!

So, who makes the best games? Well, a lot of people would say that it’s definitely EA with their array of Sports and Sci-Fi action and even a prison escape drama, so if nothing takes your fancy there, well then come back tomorrow, as we preview more excellent games that have just been announced via the E3 gaming conference.

As if, we’d leave you high and dry, since you know we love our games here at Brainstain, so nothing will stop us from helping you escape from the dull drums of daily reality, with the prospect of a much better gaming reality within months reach, right?

But now for the icing on the cake, for that NBA Live 18 “The One” trailer, since there’s nothing as satisfying as dunking that ball in somebody’s face, right? The game’s back, better than ever! Swish!

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: GameSpot

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