Governments Across the World Are Finally Turning Against George Soros

If you’ve been following us here at Brainstain, you may have learnt that the greatest enemy to Planet Earth and to the World Society, is in fact, George Soros, the 86-year-old neoliberal fake philanthropist billionaire, whose mission is seemingly to destroy the whole world in kind. Here at Brainstain, we’ve been onto this detestable man for a very long time and we rejoice every time his scandalous endeavours are exposed, so today’s news brings much happiness and inadvertently it also brings knowledge to the whole world, as well. This is surely something to celebrate, amongst all the horrible news in recent times.

Now HATE is a big word, but it’s fair to say that at Brainstain we HATE him so much, with all the HATE that we could possibly ever muster. We don’t usually hate anyone, but we think the world should come together now and hate George Soros, since it’s about bloody time, everyone should hate him with an incurable passion.

One day, we hope that somebody will wake us up and say the words “Wake up! Soros is dead! Get up, Soros is dead! He’s really dead!”

So, until that wonderful day finally comes, we will continue to educate the world about his disgusting existence. George Soros the Hungarian born, political meddler with his fortune made out of disgusting and questionable beginnings, more recently, his email archives have also been hacked, revealing his plans for inciting a Refugee Crisis in Europe, from which we are now suffering terrorist attacks in the Western World, surges of crime, Islamic gang rape and a strain on the economies and resources of European countries. Yes, George Soros is behind the “Arab spring” and was involved in social media intelligence operations to cause uprisings since 2010, in North Africa and in the Middle East. He just had to feed peanuts to monkeys, as he likes to do, to push his many corrupt agendas. That’s paying people to protest and to participate in uprisings for his greater financial returns in kind. Yes, under Obama and Hillary Clinton at the helm, backed by George Soros, the world has suffered dearly.

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Now, can you say migrant rape, terror attacks and the Islamisation of Europe, with the worst savages that the world has to offer, without thinking of George Soros? No, you can’t, you absolutely cannot. It’s impossible.

A socialist scumbag at heart, he has with his corrupt dealings with the Clinton Foundation and with Barack Obama, turned Europe into a barren wasteland of Islamic terror for his own financial gain, at the expense of the safety of all people in Europe and also in the Middle East and North Africa. How many deaths is he really responsible for? The count is endless and forever rising.

Do you also hate him now? Or are you still dumb? Would you care for some more? Of course you would, since as we know George Soros is one of the top elites of the worldwide shadow government, pushing the Satanic agenda to cause death and destruction and social unrest across our planet.

He’s also the biggest meddler in political elections, so before you try to eat up the fake narrative of Russia having some hand in the US election (fake news), how about reporting on George Soros instead, a man of extreme evil.

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It sure is funny how people are more concerned with the corrupt schemes of climate change (cash for weather experiments) and social sheep brainwashing tactics by the mass media, like pushing “think tanks” of cultural appropriation and racism (division), thus also pushing the Black Lives Matter movement and also in supporting violent fascists groups like Antifa, rather than talking about George Soros, right?

Well, guess what? George Soros funds these groups (BLM & Antifa) and his operatives have even blatantly placed paid work ads on Craigslist for new members and he probably (most definitely) even has a hand in the cop killings and the killing of Afro-American’s in Ferguson and across America. How else would Black Lives Matter come to fruition? George Soros thinks ahead and his plans have been spiralling the world into a state of confusion, especially for clueless liberals. These liberals have been fooled with “Islamophobia”, “political correctness” and “fake news” and supposed “Alt Right” facts, which are all socialist world shadow government terminologies that have been manifested so that they can continue their trail of corruption and pursuit of the destruction of the whole world. Isn’t that nice?

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But, as they say, “you cannot fool all of the people (world), all of the time” so George Soros is being exposed. Applause! Yes, today it is revealed that nationalist parties across Europe are finally done with him for pushing refugees into Europe and destroying their countries, for his own financial gain. Plus, his liberal agenda of division in America has been spinning the minds of the youth, whilst under the tenure of President Barack Obama. Even in his homeland of Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has lambasted and critiqued George Soros to no end, so obviously Viktor Orban is a true hero. Since, he knows about Soros plans to incite an Islamic invasion into Europe, as does anyone with any common sense or half a brain, that doesn’t watch CNN and that bleeds communist red tears, whenever somebody says that Islam isn’t the “religion of peace”.

Yes, most recently Macedonia have attacked the fake philanthropist, with Poland also expressing their hatred for his corrupt ways. So, for how much longer can George Soros hide behind his corruption and his lies? Let’s hope for not much longer, right? The 29th richest man in the world is being exposed exactly for what he is, which is a “nasty piece of sh*t”.

Soros has birthed the migrant crisis on purpose, killing thousands upon thousands (hundreds of thousands), perhaps more than anyone will ever know. Not to mention, all the destruction he has already caused in Europe, let alone in the Middle East and in North Africa.

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For people like ourselves and for conservatives across the world, we know that he is the puppet master of the pursuit of a “one world government” and for that, he will burn in hell, where he belongs.

His Open Society Foundation is colluded with the migrant crisis, and nationalists and logical thinkers across the world are sickened by his pursuits in clouding the minds of people, whilst pursuing his evil actions under the guise of multiculturalism and pure neoliberalism. Disgusting!

George Soros is Public Enemy Number One and an Enemy of the State, hell! He’s an enemy of the Planet!

Poland have voiced their view on him, in already accusing him of trying to destroy their sovereignty, plus Hungary are set to pass a bill, banning all NGO’s, which prevents people from forming non-governmental organisations, one of George Soros’ favourite past times (hobbies), in order to hide behind his evil crimes. What better way than to hide behind a socialist and corrupt kindness NGO, cover blanket?

He is the most hated man in the world. Ulf Brunnbauer, a German political analyst, said “To go on what you read and hear these days, Soros seems to be responsible for every political upheaval”.

Well Ulf, that’s true! You socialist conditioned German moron! In Hungary, billboards have begun springing up depicting George Soros’ as a puppet master of an opposition politician.

Of course, Soros was behind Barack Obama, he was behind Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign and he’s behind Emmanuel Macron and also very much involved in the decay of Germany with the vile and disgusting Ms. Merkel as leader of the country. Speaking of Germany, continue on reading…

Let’s not forget that George Soros is Jewish and originally from Hungary and he described in many interviews that the year of 1944, was the “best year of his life”. He helped sell out, kill and steal from his own people and could clearly now be called out as a real “Nazi”. Nope it’s not Donald Trump as the colluded left wing news media would like you to believe.

Watch! Do not be fooled, this is the most detestable person on Earth, with his interview in 1998, seen below at specifically 08:10 mins in, about his time with the Nazi’s.

He said that when he was 14-years-old, in helping Nazi’s to ship Jews off to their Death camps, it was a “great time” and in his own words, “that’s when my character was made” says George Soros.

So, death and destruction and the killing of people is what formed his whole being. So, if that doesn’t set off alarm bells to all his fake philanthropist work, then nothing ever will.

Plus ever since then, he has been betting on currencies and using NGO’s and backwards tactics to increase his wealth at the expense of whole countries. How about a glass of Arab Spring, anyone? How’s that taste, did it quench your thirst?

So, in his own words in 1998, he said, “As a competitor, I’ve got to compete to win”. So, do you see any conflict of interest, just yet?

European nations, such as Poland, Macedonia, Romania and Hungary and the nations not apart of the worldwide Shadow government, are finally calling out George Soros for what he is, a “tyrant” and an “evil entity” and the source for the world’s ever-growing despair.

One day we hope that other nations will join forces to pursue his conviction for war crimes and for crimes against humanity. Wouldn’t that be something? Just a thought, that we’d like to put out there. Let it simmer, please. Hopefully, this goes well with your lunch break today.


Brainstain, over and out!

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