Nintendo’s E3 2017 Spotlight Round Up

The E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles recently wrapped and on the final day it was Nintendo’s turn to showcase their future endeavours and with the recent launch of Nintendo Switch, there was a lot to talk about. Now whether you’re partial to some Super Mario Brothers or not, Nintendo definitely has a lot more to offer than just the chubby moustached plumber and his lanky sidekick, Luigi. And now, we will show you why, with a comprehensive breakdown in the Nintendo Spotlight show.

Quite an impressive show there indeed. The Switch is the gaming platform with the most to offer in terms of new things coming at you in bulk as that 24 minute presentation showed, even revealing plans for Wii like motion controlled games on the Switch coming up soon. Here below, we give you a rundown of the games and so feel free to purchase your orders direct from Amazon right to your doorstep.

Yes, big games such as Super Mario OdysseyArms, Fire Emblem WarriorsXenoblade Chronicles 2, Kirby (2018), Yoshi (2018) and a new Pokémon game also in the works. Plus, big news for Metroid Prime fans with the announcement of Metroid Prime 4 and Metroid 2 Remastered even being available soon.  To cap it off nicely, they also showcased Spaltoon 2 and Rocket League. Let’s dive into Day 1 and here it is in its entirety.

However, one long showcasing day was simply not enough, so Nintendo decided to bring another day in, to compensate for all they had to show-off. Much to the joy of their fans across the world. Yes, Nintendo are coming back in a big way and are hot in promotion of their new console, which so far has been very well received by the fans.

However, with Playstation 4 Pro and Xbox One (Project Scorpio) also being out on the market, it remains to be seen as to what slice of the gamer demographic that they conjure up. So, let’s see how this gaming war develops.


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