Three Big Reasons Not To Watch Love Island

Love Island, a recently resurrected reality TV show, has become increasingly popular since the new series has aired. Whether it’s from advertisements on ITV or from word of mouth, you’ve heard about the show somehow.

But is it worth watching? Well, that’s up to you, but you should consider these points before you do. Here’s three reasons why you shouldn’t watch Love Island.

1. You’re only going to get reminded that you’re still single

Unless you don’t care, or rather, you’re happy about being single, you probably shouldn’t watch this show. Ever watched a romance film like The Notebook and wishing in vain for the same kind of relationship? Well, this time will be similar, except the actors will be replaced by shallow, extremely narrow-minded and uninteresting contestants. But despite that, you’ll still feel green with envy at the hot couple making out on your TV screen. Hopefully, you’re better than that, but just be wary, in case you’re not happy with the single life.

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2. Endless stories upon stories of useless gossip and lame drama

Read The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Daily Star, or even Twitter and Facebook, and you can guarantee that you’ll find some kind of gossip about Love Island’s contestants on there. “Love Island pulls record audience to watch Jessica Shears’ raunchy sex scenes” (because we all want to see that, don’t we?), “Jonny and Camilla come to blows over feminism”, “Katie Salmon flashes entire undercarriage in ass-tounding twerkathon”. The only thing worth reading about is the fact that the show received numerous complaints over the amount of swearing and smoking from contestants, but that probably won’t be enough for it to stop airing. Pity really, as the contestants clearly need to do much more to get this show pulled off the air entirely.

That, and there’s just no escape from these trashy stories appearing on your Facebook or Twitter feed. When will it ever end? The demographic that they intended in targeting, are definitely responding to it, which means that it will probably be around for some time.  The dumbing down of the young is definitely in full motion. In fact, where do they even find these contestants?


3. Overall, the entire show is trashy and embarrassing

If you’re not too keen on shows like Big Brother, The Only Way is Essex and Geordie Shore, this is no exception. The whole time you’re watching these shallow contestants get themselves into endless petty drama, showing off (as in, “I think I’m a celebrity. Look at me! kind of showing off) and just generally being as interesting as a bowl of cereal. The TV show should come with a warning, that you may be at risk of eye rolling into another dimension and never coming back from it. Great entertainment, right?

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Honestly, reality TV is probably one of the worst kinds of entertainment out there. Pretty much none of it is even real and the way people act on there sometimes make you seriously question humanity. Again, Love Island is no exception to that, so unless you’re into watching that kind of thing, I’d suggest you stay away. Far, far away.

Plus, if any of your friends enjoy watching the show, you might want to start questioning their intelligence and also their general state of well being. Maybe break ties entirely (go nuclear), since you don’t really need those types of vacuous people in your life, do you?


<Story by Emily Clark>

Featured Photo Credit: Telegraph

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