Finsbury Park: London Mosque Attacked by Van

At 00:21am on Monday morning outside Finsbury Park Mosque, a white van mounted the curb and ploughed into a pack of muslims exiting the mosque after prayers, who were hanging around outside. During the end of Ramadan, more prayers are known to be said and people stay up later in the evenings.

The white van was reportedly rented in Wales. So, could this have been a horrible revenge attack of some kind, for the recent bombing in Manchester, or for the London Bridge terror attack or for the Westminster bridge attack?

What strikes us about this horrible incident is the mainstream left-wing media coverage of it all (let’s go there later) during this terrible attack, which saw a 48-year-old man arrested, after he drove the vehicle up onto the curb and hit various people, killing one and with at least eight others injured, whilst reportedly the two other men inside the vehicle, ran away from the scene of the crime.

Police arrived on the scene 8 minutes after the initial call. – Credit: Metro

You could definitely cut racial tensions with a knife right now in the United Kingdom, or can you? Are you going to buy into the scare tactics of the news coverage or continue to go about your day? Obviously, there’s been some problems of late with major incidents in the United Kingdom.

Luckily, the driver of the van was apprehended by the public in a citizen’s arrest, until police arrived. Good! A truly horrific attack and it’s definitely not dissimilar to the recent terror attacks on London and Manchester, apart from the man didn’t blow himself up and he wasn’t killed by police, after going on a multiple stabbing rampage in the name of “allah”.

This unknown 48-year old man, believed to be caucasian, has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, but why stop there? Arrest him for murder and give him life in a miserable and terrible prison, since the death penalty isn’t in effect in the United Kingdom anymore…

Hopefully, he will be shanked in prison and we think that’s very likely.

However, could this have been a form of revenge attack by a deluded individual, since this was most definitely yet another attack on all of London, despite the attack being on a predominately Muslim community?

We absolutely condemn this attack and we are all wishing for the maximum sentencing and charging of the culprit inside the van.

However, what is striking is the inherent left-wing media bias in their coverage of this incident, which is so evident, since it seems like there’s a dark and evil force trying to spring racial divides and we can now refer to an excellent example of left-wing media bias, by urging you to click and watch this link. This story was in the news five days ago, when a muslim man was finally sentenced for his crime.

He got lucky, since he was only sentenced to five years. Sorry, but good people don’t run over other people in cars. Credit: DailyMail

Yes, this incident in Leicester City Centre on June 28th in 2016, shows Lugman Aslam, 26, ploughing down five pedestrians after a reported fight or altercation had occurred, when the man was fasting and he was hungry and he just decided to run these people over. Plus, he was shown sympathy in the press and by the courts, who said, “‘You’re a good family man with a young daughter and I take that very much into account.’

Hmmm, biased much?

But, last week he was sentenced to five years in prison for his crime, but he was painted as a family man, a saint and a good muslim, even spoken by the courts, as you read up there.

So, today’s incident which is still inherently different, since it was a clear and deliberate attack, smeared with the fake terminology of “Islamophobia” already today, which doesn’t even exist, apart from in a fantasy world, since it’s a socialist news construct “terminology”, used to spring further racial divides via socialist biased news networks, working under the instruction of the “deep state” and their plans to cause further racial tensions, after major horrific incidents.

Has the “deep state” now arrived in the United Kingdom and become very active? It definitely looks like it, if the last few weeks are anything to go by, especially with in regard to the Grenfell Tower incident and this incident in particular, occurring on the day that the U.K. begin Brexit talks over in Brussels.

The timing seems unnervingly¬†coincidental, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, a horrible attack, whoever is behind it and now’s definitely the time for logical thinking.

It’s clear that there are evil forces using the media to try to sway public opinion onto further pursuits of socialism and by inadvertently trying to force Labour in, even after the Grenfell Tower incident, which very much happened on Sadiq Khan’s watch and not Theresa May’s watch, in any way shape or form.

Could these latest two major incidents be some form of a secret pushing of a political agenda on part of the “deep state”. This could be very likely and we need not consult Ancient Astronaut theorists about it, either. Who comprises the deep state? Usually socialist hacks, that’s who!

Survivors of the attack gathered and prayed at the scene. This is great to see in times of much needed unity. – Credit: Metro

You see, the BBC, Sky News and all your favourite news channels are colluded with the deep state, the world’s elite and they are pushing for further mayhem to divide our societies in the pursuit of a “one world” government. They would like a Marxist leader in charge, wouldn’t they? They want everywhere to become like Venezuela, it seems. They want whatever it would take for their charade of sticking inside the crumbling EU, to simply let it carry on and continue.

The E.U. is that first step in surrendering our freedoms to a major evil entity and now England are jumping out and now the worldwide shadow government are unleashing domestic mayhem in any way that they can, much by the use of the brainwashing box (TV),with the left-wing news networks at the helm, who push racial divides and want you to think that one race, religion and or people deserve more sympathy than others.

The man was arrested at the scene after being apprehended by citizens. – Credit: Metro

So, do not be fooled, now is the time to unify, plus “Islamophobia” doesn’t exist and now’s not the time for hashtags and tea lights, now is the time for people to wake up to the likelihood of political meddling in major incidents, in order to push political agendas and create social uprisings because the world elite want to take back control, to pursue their sickening agendas.

Who likes social uprisings? We have seen it in the United States and in the Middle East, but now it has arrived in the U.K. because these evil forces, want to continue their path of destruction on whole communities and countries, hidden under the veil of “multiculturalism” and non-government associations (NGO’s), to force their political corruption further, because the evil forces do not want Brexit. They want more mass immigration, terror attacks and social unrest.

Who are these evil elitists’? Hmmm, they’re definitely not at one with current republicans or conservatives, that’s for sure, but they are heavily aligned with socialism in this day and age, so they want to be down with Labour now and we just have to say it, the two bad words, “George Soros.”

Is he sticking his evil hand inside the United Kingdom? Who knows? But, this “deep state-esque” vibe is definitely not coming out of nowhere, is it?

We suggest that logical leaders now stand strong together, amidst these evil socialists and their deviant ways.

Anyway, let’s wait to find out more about this terrible incident as it develops over the next few days and we urge people to unite and not divide, since it’s been pretty apparent that there are ulterior motives behind these horrible incidents occurring of late, don’t you think?

We won’t be happy until people start waking up and using their brains, just a little bit and not get caught up in the storm of the biased news media coverage.

Our thoughts are with the victims and their families at this time, and we think they should bring in the electric chair for this terror attacker, wherever he came from.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Metro

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