FIFA 18: What’s New In The Game?

With so many dreary incidents and with so much bad news of late, we thought we could continue on with some more light entertainment buzz, particularly in the video game category and so we turn our undivided attention to probably the greatest gaming franchise in history, EA Sport’s FIFA with FIFA 18 slated for a late September release, as per usual.

Who’s on the cover? You guessed it! It’s Cristiano Ronaldo in his Real Madrid kit, but with the recent spat between the Spanish tax authority, claiming he owes £13 million in image rights taxes, could see Cristiano Ronaldo leave Real Madrid, as he’s reportedly not happy and he may force a move away from the Spanish capital, and go back to Manchester United. So, this would throw a spanner in the works to all of FIFA 18 marketing of their new game with Ronaldo as the cover star, plus being heavily featured in the game trailer and in The Journey story should you play with Real Madrid in the latest instalment of the series.

Let’s see that trailer again, to get our point across. He’s everywhere and soon he might be back at Old Trafford in a Red Manchester United kit. Well, one can dream, right?

Yes, Ronaldo was graced with the bestowed honour of being their cover star this year, after a miraculous past 24 months in the football world, but now that his future at Real Madrid is shrouded in debate, controversy and eventual departure, how would FIFA 18 (order icon edition) amend their game before the release date, if at all?

So, the transfer window will reveal all that, in due course, as the drama unfolds and with FIFA 18’s The Journey mode released in FIFA 17, about fictional striker Alex Hunter in story mode, which proved hugely popular with FIFA fans, so much so that everyone is wondering where he will go in this current summer transfer window, as well. Watch! 

So, apart from more of The Journey with Alex Hunter (get into that later), what else can we come to expect from the latest in the FIFA series. Well, let’s give you a run down. Come we go!

The game will feature more varied team styles, with Barcelona’s and Pep Guardiola’s style of old, being available, named ‘Tiki-Taka‘ (quick short passes and movement) plus also ‘High Press‘ being listed thus far, along with improved tactics made available, which should see the offline mode, improve even further, as well. Joy!

The game will also feature Authentic Player Personalities, which means that Ronaldo will be just like the motion captured Cristiano Ronaldo and with Antoine Griezmann to boot, too, along with a host of all the other football stars in the game, which includes personality likeness’, both on and off the ball.

FIFA 18 have upgraded the Dribbling mechanics, especially in Online situations, which should see a more realistic dribbling experience, which will also add more creativity and options in one on one situations in beating your opponent and leaving them in the lurch, so to speak. With the dribbling overhaul already on the books, this will go some way to placate people who complained about the dribbling restrictions in FIFA 17.

Ronaldo is clearly pondering his next move here! Credit: FIFASOLVED

Naturally, The Journey will feature a more in-depth storyline about Alex Hunter’s next chapter of his footballing career, featuring more real stars, which will include Ronaldo, Griezmann and just about every big player at whatever club you so choose to journey with, which makes for a very exciting prospect, so let’s hope that Zlatan Ibrahimovic also makes an appearance at Carrington, even though he may still be on crutches, perhaps? The Journey will also include more locations and more real-world “feel” cut-scenes to immerse you into the footballing saga of Mr. Hunter.

To top it off, FIFA 18 will boast more Presentation Improvements, with the Frostbite engine evolving to even greener pastures, in a big way! The stadiums, pre-game build up, the crowds and commentary will all be much improved, with great emphasis put on crowd replication and sounds, depending on which team you play with across the world. Amazing!

In case you missed this next part, see the E3 Conference FIFA 18 gameplay trailer in action and it looks stunning, as always!

So, there you have it! FIFA 18 is most likely set to be another game breaking top seller once it’s released on all major consoles on September 29th, 2017.

We cannot wait to get our hands on this game, come the fall, with the added excitement of who’s going to which club in this summer’s transfer window, as always, is yet another thing to look forward to.

Brainstain, over and out!

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