Katie Price Set To Make A Humongous Musical Comeback

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Katie Price AKA the topless glamour model and all round British icon, formally known as Jordan is making her big musical comeback with a new scorching summer anthem “I Got U” and it looks set to be a colossal success.

Ok, that’s enough with the big and busty puns and we’re sure you get the drift that yes, Ms. Price has rather large substantial breasts, but…the announcement that Price is set to release new music upon us is an event so enormous that we still can’t get over the initial shock of it all, can you?

Like, this is legit brand new Katie Price music being released into the cosmos for all to hear. With all the depression and morbid events occurring lately in the UK, this is just the kind of positive news we need to perk us up and bring some patriotism back into the country.

It was actually rumoured earlier this year that the current Loose Women panelist was gearing up for another attempt at the music scene, but now she’s officially confirmed the comeback with a teaser to her 1.5 million followers on Instagram.


The upbeat summer tune sounds like something you would hear from any of your bona fide popstar’s singing in the charts today. The song, written by former X-Factor finalist Craig Colton could have been sung by literally anyone from Fifth Harmony to Little Mix and it would have blended in with today’s musical offerings and been a sure-fire hit, yet the energetic dance track has been blessed with the unblemished vocals of “Pricey” and it sounds absolutely fabulous.

Katie was set to take the stage at London’s G-A-Y club to perform her long-awaited track in a typically pricey camp extravaganza, but unfortunately, the busty blonde was forced to cancel the anticipated gig after the recent terror attack at Borough Market.

Damn those Islamic terrorists, they always ruin everything, even Katie’s live show.

Now magazine

I Got U, her first musical release since the 2010 song ”Free to Love Again” which entered into the charts at a disappointing number 60, will hopefully fulfill all our hopes and dreams of one day having an actual Katie Price studio album.

Well, we can all dream, can’t we?!

Speaking of the underrated classic ”Free to Love Again”, fellow reality TV star Heidi Montag expressed praise for the single and suggested doing a remix and music video with Price for a U.S.-release. Wow, blondes uniting across the ponds, then?

Unfortunately, this did not materialise and society was robbed of something that could have been truly legendary.

Katie has previously made multiple attempts to forge a career as a pop star over the years. She even competed for a place in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, with a track called “Not Just Anybody”, which was deemed a failure by many. No surprise to be fair, as the U.K. never ever does well in that horrid song contest, which is just as well, because it features the most cringeworthy pop music in the entire world, every year, without fail.  But, sometimes you have to watch it, but we still really miss Terry Wogan.

Anyway, Katie was also secretly seven months pregnant at the time of the contest, and performed wearing a bright pink diamante-embellished catsuit, though many compared her look to that of a bright pink Teletubby wearing a blonde wig during her live performance. Ultimately, she finished in second place, behind eventual winner Javine.


Speaking on Loose Women about the audition, she said: “You’ll all probably remember because I looked absolutely ridiculous, I looked like a pink condom!”

Katie has since gone on to say that she regrets her decision to perform on the show. The former model also released a duets album ”A Whole New World’” with her then husband Peter Andre, back in 2006.

All proceeds went to charity and the record reached number 20 on the album chart and it even went on to achieve platinum status, with the help of their fledgling reality TV show career’s.


Katie’s new song is set to feature on Katie’s upcoming reality TV show, called  ”My Crazy Life”, which is a 12-part series offering a fly-on-the-wall glimpse into Katie’s family life, with her new husband, Keiran Hayler.

Well, we don’t know about you, but here at Brainstain we cannot wait to download (legally) Katie’s new song. Well, it sure does beat the tripe virtue signalling Katy Perry has been releasing these days, by a country mile.

I Got U is set to be released on June 30 but it’s available to pre-order from June 21st. But, you can order and Buy it right here.

Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit – HuffPost UK

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