Cis-Genderism Is Taking Over Your Xbox (And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It)

Ever wanted your Xbox Live Avatar to be a non-binary wheel chair bound pregnant pansexual? Well now you can make all your non-conforming gender identity dreams come true with the latest gender-neutral in Xbox Live update.

Open minded Microsoft hopes that an upcoming update to the system will make everyone from polygender to two-spirited people, all feel welcome on the multi-gendered popular gaming platform.

Yes, soon you could be angrily swearing at an Intersex cis-gendered person on Call of Duty over Xbox Live. Just make sure you use the correct terminology and watch your pronouns, please. Remember, mispronouncing someone’s identity is offensive.

The Verge

The Xbox Live Avatars program which allows players to create online representations of themselves, plans to eliminate traditional gender norms when it releases an improvement for the system this fall.

So if you are cisgender, gender fluid or simply just gender questioning, chances are that you will find your right identity on Xbox Live with this latest update.

“Male” characters will be able to use “female” clothing options and styles, and “female” characters will be able to do the same with “male” clothing options.

“When we think about what we want to design at the end of the day, avatars are meant for whatever you want your digital self to represent,” explained project manager Bryan Saftler. “We don’t want to put you in a box. There are no more checkboxes.”

“No matter what you think you look like,” Saftler added, “this whole avatar system is designed so that you can represent your best self on Xbox Live.”

Company executive Rachel Franklin said that soon “female Sims can wear sharp men’s suits like Ellen DeGeneres and male Sims can wear heels like Prince.”

Designer Kathryn Storm added: “Our new Avatars are built with inclusivity absolutely in mind, with more options and flexibility. We want people to feel like we have endless options to really reflect who they are.”

Player Attack

And, the move to inclusivity won’t end there, as wheel chairs, prosthetic limbs and pregnant avatars will also be available.

There may be an update later in the year that eliminates all white straight male endangered species Avatars, but so far Microsoft have yet to comment.

Here at Brainstain we are looking forward to the gender-neutral Xbox update and we can’t wait to create a genderqueer Islamic terrorist with no arms or legs, sporting a multi-coloured rainbow beard.

I mean, that’s how we like to identify, and if you don’t accept us for who we are and so on, well, that makes you a bigoted sexist racist Nazi Trump supporter, and there is no room for that here on Xbox Live.

Story by Michael Lee

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Featured Photo Credit – NeoGAF

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