Why Was There Never A Rapper Called Ice (fill the blank)?

Hey readers! We thought we’d bring you some of our thoughts about why there was never more rappers that started their artist moniker with the prefix of “Ice” in the Hip-Hop and Rap genre. Yes, the popular music of Hip-Hop and Rap, which really began simmering in the late eighties, before really catching on fire in the early nineties, then reaching meteoric levels in the mid-nineties, only for it to alter completely after the mysterious deaths of several key artists.

After all, we had the very cool genius of Ice-T, not to be confused with Ice Tea, buy one of his superb albums right here, plus we also had the unspeakable talents of Ice Cube, who is now an esteemed director and producer of Hollywood films, plus he’s still partial to making some great music, every once in a while. Buy that amazing album Lethal Injection right here.

Ice Cube and Ice T here, circa 1992. Two legends! Credit: Heavy.com

Then of course, you had Vanilla Ice, as well, who had some serious hits before vanishing into obscurity, completely. We wonder why? Who wouldn’t have wanted to see the evolution of Mr. Van Winkle, as this would have been interesting, since nobody really achieved the pinnacle of the running man dance, like Vanilla Ice did, maybe apart from MC Hammer? But, that wasn’t his only dance move, as is evidenced below. Could you do this and then keep a straight face?

Image result for vanilla ice dance gifs


Well, Vanilla Ice could, without fail! But, let’s be honest now, Vanilla Ice wasn’t Hip-Hop or Rap, at all. Maybe, that’s why they called him Vanilla? Perhaps, he was so vanilla that he threatened to put Ice-Cream vendors out of business, altogether? After mentioning Vanilla Ice, we need to level the playing field, with this momentous and historic jam which is still very much in heavy rotation. So, get down to this for a little while, won’t you? So, much symbolism and things. Pure class and now we are craving Ice Cream, aren’t you? After all, it’s damn hot outside!

“Ice cold”, as they say. Shout out to Wu-Tang! So, perhaps it was the stellar careers of Ice-T & Ice Cube that were already using the prefix, whilst Vanilla Ice used it as a suffix, “totally backwards man”, so he crashed and burned, all be it, very respectively? Now, that didn’t stop many songs to use the word “Ice” in their track titles though, so let’s hear another classic jam by the amazing M.O.P right now.

That should keep you cool in this blazing heat, wherever you may be in this world. Shout out to M.O.P!

So, why was there never a rapper, called Ice Coffee? Or Ice Box? Or Ice Pick (very Basic Instinct)? How about Ice Skater? Probably not street enough, that one? What about Ice Breaker? He could’ve been that rapper that just broke the Ice and made everyone feel comfortable and stuff, right?

One of the coolest artist names would clearly have been Ice Machine, since then you’d know that he was both “cool” and a “machine” at being “cool”, if you know what we mean?

Let us know if you can piece together any other Ice rap names in our comments section below, in hope that we will see some more “Ice Cool” artists in the near future, apart from just Ice-T and Ice Cube. The Hip-Hop and Rap genre really needs it right now.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Alpha Coders

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