Two-Year-Old Viral Sensation Mila Stauffer Weighs In On Airport Security And Boyfriends

Who loves some light news in the morning? We do! Maybe you do, too? Since it can be a breath of fresh air amidst politics, current affairs and plenty of worldwide terror attacks. So, this is the endearing story of Mila Stauffer, 2, from Arizona, daughter of Katie Stauffer, who has started uploading her daughter’s rants onto her YouTube channel, much to the joy of viewers around the world.

You may remember this one, where Mila goes off on her boyfriend Sayer or Sawyer, whom she spotted in the park with another girl. Now, regardless of age, when a female is angry at a male, it doesn’t sound so different at the tender age of 2-years old, as it would do at any other age, does it? Let that be a lesson to all toddlers and men across the world. You are in effect, totally caught up in her net and or web already, so to speak, right? We’ve heard this all before, plenty of times (sigh). So, let’s check this out now!

It can be frightening to be confronted by a raging woman, “hell hath not fury like a woman scorned,” as they say. So, we immediately feel sorry for little Sayer or Sawyer, but we tell him to keep his chin up and remind him, that Mila will calm down eventually… “NEVER, EVER, EVER!

That video was released about a month ago and it already has over 350k views, so could Katie Stauffer and her daughter be onto something? We see a young actress in the making, in her very early years here, perhaps? But, it doesn’t stop there, since there’s more and we very much agree on this next tirade from the 2-year-old, on airport security.

We’ve all been there for the good ‘ol security check, where you have to remove your shoes and belt, plus everything else from your pockets entirely. This of course, can become a little annoying, but surely it’s something which needs to be done, but when they target 2-year-olds, you have to start asking questions, unless of course, it looked like a 2-year-old Jihadi, naturally…

Whatever will come next from camera operator and mom, Katie Stauffer? Credit: YouTube

Anyway, you can follow the escapades of Katie Stauffer and Mila on Katie’s YouTube channel, so¬†just click this link. And follow along. Then, you can keep up to date with whatever rant is coming next. See, we always help to bring much joy to the world and we will continue to do so, without any questions asked.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Daily Mirror

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