Do Asian Women Age Slower Than Other Women?

Now, there’s a lot of talk about ageing as always, with the topic being at the forefront of many women’s worries all the time, but so who does age most gracefully? Does age even matter? Can it be attributed to an ethnicity or is it simply down to genetics and things such as supplements and diet or even avoiding processed foods. We suppose we will never know, however, Asian women from the Orient do tend to look younger beyond their years and Lure Hsu, 41, has become a sensation because she surely looks a lot younger than her age.

Lure Hsu, 18 years old going on 42 years old? Credit: Wiebo/LureHsu

Yes, Taiwanese interior designer and social media sensation, Lure Hsu, has garnered plenty of followers, most likely due to her youthful looks at the age of 41-years old, which sort of lays weight to the claim that Asian women age much slower than other women, however, science is yet to confirm that and with genes also believed to play a big part, it may also be more down to the types of foods that you eat and the type of culture that you participate in. Let’s say some regions have different lifestyles and one thing is guaranteed, and that’s that in the so-called Western World of the United States and in the United Kingdom, processed foods is very much the norm and easily accessible, where as in Asia, you’ll find plenty more fresh produce everywhere. Well, seemingly anyways, especially in Taiwan, if Lure Hsu’s story is anything to go by….

Diet Tip 101: Just stay off the noodles! Ugh!

If you saw this on Tinder, you’d definitely swipe left, thinking that she’s way too young for you. Credit: Weibo/LureHsu

One of Lure’s go to sources for staying young is plenty of Vitamin C (so do we), plenty of water (so do we) and also eat lots of vegetables (not so much), but it was when she appeared in a Facebook picture along with her younger sister, actress Sharon Hsu, in celebration of Lure’s 40th birthday, which was when all Sharon’s fans were shocked to see how youthful Lure looked on her fortieth birthday. So, Sharon’s fans became Lure’s fans and the rest is history.

They say “black don’t crack”, which is true in many cases, but how about some “asian persuasion on the age factor”, as well?  Credit: Weibo/LureHsu

Lure amassed an incredible 230,000 fans almost overnight and we think that she may have just got another follower, just because we like to follow our stories and things, you know?

Lure Hsu’s other favourite food in the vegetarian category is Bok Choi, an acquired taste for those not in the know and she says she avoids sugary drinks and naturally, like many Asians, they love their spices, like spicy chilli sauces, which are known to be a bit of a youthful elixir, but in sauce format.

Lure told Taiwan’s Friday Magazine, about the importance of hydration “once your skin has enough water, you don’t even need to worry about aging and wrinkles”.

Is this the oldest photo of Lure Hsu in existence, but she doesn’t really look a day over 25 years, does she? Credit: Weibo/LureHsu

Plus, she also enlightened those that think it’s a good idea to sit out in the sun and attempt getting a savage red sun-tan, by stating, “‘After your skin is tanned, it will become dry. Freckles and small wrinkles would appear”, which sort of brings us full circle in the “in-take” of the summer sun department and how that will make you look older, much sooner than necessary.

However, Lure Hsu also admitted to having a few visits from the collagen fairy to maintain that glowing look, as well, so that could also have helped to give her that very youthful look.

So, here’s to being forever young, no matter how you look and this proves that age is just a number, apart from wisdom acquired and now you can also go out and stock up on Vitamin C pills, water and even just consider some collagen injections to the face, perhaps? That’s if anybody is really worried about ageing. Here at Brainstain, we’re all immortal, anyway.

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Featured Photo Credit: COPADE

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