Fitness Model Rebecca Burger Dies From Whipped Cream Dispenser Explosion

Now for some very sad news, as yesterday it was announced that Rebecca Burger, 33, from France, a social media fitness model, tragically died from a heart attack when a whipped cream dispenser exploded and hit her in the chest. Very sad indeed and parts of the whipped cream dispenser also hit the fitness fanatic right in the throat (thorax).

So, let that be a reminder to anyone intending on showering your summer strawberry’s with lashings of whipped cream, or even on your breakfast waffle in the morning or even for those special “whipped cream” moments that women sometimes bestow on their men or vice versa, to give that taste of dessert in the bedroom. Well, as we can now see, accidents can happen with whipped cream, as the death of Rebecca Burger truly shows.

Credit: RebeccaBurger/Instagram 

Let that also be a lesson to the various young Premier League footballers, like Raheem Sterling and ex-EPL player Jack Grealish, who like to do whippets, which is inhaling nitrous oxide, reminding them that they probably shouldn’t and they should definitely never  use a modified whipped cream dispenser, as the results could be clearly fatal.

Her family took to Twitter and announced her death and gave this warning, “This is an example of the cream siphon which exploded and hit Rebecca’s thorax, causing her death.”

Her family added, “The siphon which caused her death was sealed. Don’t use this product in your homes! Tens of thousands of the faulty devices are already in circulation.”

This is some truly tragic news and this beautiful person has died as a result of a faulty siphon and one now wonders if the family will pursue a lawsuit against the whipped cream brand or even against the dispenser manufacturer, in the coming weeks?

This would probably be the right thing to do, given the circumstances and this future case would probably change the face of whipped cream forever. We want safer whipped cream and we want it now!

RIP Rebecca. Credit: RebeccaBurger/Instagram

On a departing note for Rebecca, her family stated, “We are sorry to announce the sad news of losing this beautiful soul. Our french athlete Rebecca Burger passed away. Rebecca was not only a great fitness figure but a generous and kind person to work with. Please pray for her soul to rest in peace and for her family to stay strong. We will always be proud of you Rebecca”.

We would definitely be grieving for some time and could this now also spell the end for dodgy whipped cream dispensers? Perhaps, whipped cream could come in a jar? Or within some other type of packaging, which would be much safer?

Plus, in another product packaging, it would also eliminate the dangerous antics of youth’s inhaling nitrous oxide and doing whippets, which of course, can lead to brain damage and so surely there must be a safer and more appropriate way to enjoy whipped cream, right?

Our thoughts are with the family of the deceased and we urge anyone out there currently with a can of whip in their fridge, to carefully test it out, pointing it away from you, before you enjoy the whipped cream, so as to double check and avoid accidents beforehand. Any potentially faulty dispensers of whipped cream, could still be out there.

Here are some other things that you can use instead of whipped cream for your dessert or even in the bedroom (as you like), since we just want to help with tried and tested, plus safe dessert ideas, you know?

So, let’s give you a brief rundown of some safer Dessert topping options:

  • Try using Vanilla or Strawberry Ice-Cream. Just put it wherever you like and then taste the wonders of ice-cream.
  • Organic Honey, since it’s very good for you, unless you have diabetes, all be it, it’s a bit sticky too, but it also brings you all the nutrients under the sun, in just one lick or taste. Just imagine the flavour? Mmmm.
  • Frozen Greek Yogurt, could just be the thing, even though it’s pretty tasteless. If bland is your flavour, then that suits you.
  • Or just whip up a third of a cup of butter and 3/4 of a cup of milk, then stir until it’s ready, you’ll have a homemade whipped equivalent.
  • Or try condensed Milk, it’s super sweet and you’ll feel like you’re a kid in a candy store. But, don’t eat too much of it.

So, there you have it! Safe substitutes for the whipped cream hazard, which could potentially kill you. Now we know that it’s not the exact same thing as whipped cream straight from the can, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices in life. Be safe out there, may you all eat whipped cream, safely. God bless.


Brainstain, over and out!

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