Stevie Wonder’s View On Black Lives Matter

Who loves Stevie Wonder? We do! The musical genius came out on stage on Saturday, June 17th at the ‘North Minneapolis Conference on Peace’ last weekend, brought to you here by FOX 9 News, but suspiciously when he starts talking about the media in this video (below), the sound has been seemingly pulled by YouTube (no surprises). The mainstream mass media is naturally colluded with the same evil backers of the BLM movement, which has been shown to be predominately the work of George Soros, who gladly funds this social uprising group over and over again, which has caused so much heartache, division and also pushed the liberal news media brainwashing tactics to epic proportions, across the United States of America. What a pity, but we raise our glasses and make a toast to Stevie Wonder now, for his clear vision on this matter, all together. (sound of clinking glasses, meeting with a touch of love)

Preach Stevie! (1973) Credit: Wikipedia

Of course, the mainstream media have tried to bury this story and it is finally coming to light at the end of this week, and it’s ironic that it would take a blind musical genius to finally spread the truth of it all, as gospel onto this world. Stevie Wonder is such a legend and we thank you, because not only black lives matter, but all lives matter, including brown, white, black, yellow, green and purple. BLM has been known to create racial divisions and one sometimes wonders how much of a hand George Soros has had in the deaths and arrests of many activists and innocent people, by being behind this largely backwards group in their mentality and thinking. Hell! A lot of them are being paid to spread this violence, and then you have to wonder if this is just some sort of game to the evil elite, right? Take it away now, Stevie.

Yes, there are police shootings of innocent people and they are abhorrently wrong, so very wrong! But, it makes you wonder more about what sort of policies some Police departments perpetrate and who’s really in charge? Is there a shoot to kill policy? But, it also makes you wonder as to how many victims of police shootings, whether black, brown or white, could’ve been avoided and just how many occurred due to the police being afraid or being provoked, as well? Some people do carry guns, you know?

Now, saying that there have been many horrible incidents of shootings by police is a great understatement, but Black Lives Matter, funded by George Soros, whose aim of it all is to divide people, is that something which you really want to support? Wikileaks haven’t been wrong thus far, so says plenty of leaked emails exposing this very fact. So, don’t get your facts from the living room librarians at Snopes, okay? (What a joke! Hahahaha!)

Did people forget that “we are the world” and if you did? Now is the time to unite against the evils. So, let’s bring those confused millennial’s back to 1985, before they were essentially born, when the world was clearly better in many ways , well at least when it came to the music industry, at least. Or maybe, also in so many other ways too?

So, remember all these legends today and remember that “we are the world” and please do not support groups that spread racist ideologies for profit. Who’s profiting? Perhaps, the prison industrial complex and evil entities behind the very dry to the touch, velvet red curtain? So, take it away MJ, Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross, to name just a few.

Yes, we are the world and it’s time for people to start waking up. Wouldn’t that be something? Think about that this weekend, would you? And, democratic socialism and corruption is finally being exposed for what it is, which is being totally “FAKE” to the core.

These are truly interesting times, aren’t they?

In celebrating the wonder that is Stevie Wonder, we thought we’d play you into this weekend with one of our favourite songs by the musical savant himself, because shouldn’t we? We think that would be so apt at this point in time, don’t you?

Here goes, so “can people just wake up to this?”

“Here I am, signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours”

<Sincerely The Narrator> 

Featured Photo Credit: TheBlaze

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