Gay Pride In Istanbul Goes Horribly Wrong

Well, unless you’ve been literally living under a rock this weekend, you would have definitely heard of “Gay Pride” which occurred simultaneously across countries in the whole wide world. The LGBT community use Gay Pride to exercise the right to sexual freedom in the orientation department, as if any of you needed any telling. Well, in Istanbul, Turkey, there is, you guessed it, quite a large LGBT community, as you’d expect to find in most nations, apart from the extremist muslim nations, where gay people have to hide and cower in fear, for lashings, stoning, and or being tossed off buildings to their deaths.

In Istanbul, where even for a third year in a row, the “Gay Pride” event has been banned, this didn’t stop many gays to go out and celebrate their uniqueness and stand up for their rights, as homosexuals, lesbians, transgenders and or bisexuals. So, what’s wrong with that?

Well, this is Turkey, which is still an inherently muslim rounded country, that holds many extremist ideologies, and so the Police responded in Istanbul, shooting at the celebrator’s with rubber bullets and using tear gas to disperse the crowd. So much for equality in the sexual orientation department, eh?

Now, Turkey in recent years have also claimed to have evolved, so much so in their own political minds (really?), that somehow, they should be allowed to join the European Union. Well thankfully, this hasn’t happened yet and now it looks like it will never happen, either. President Erdogan hasn’t done much to evolve Turkey into a modern nation, as yet. Now let’s interrupt this article with a message from former Dutch Presidential candidate, Geert Wilders, who will continue to rise in profile for a next run in the Netherlands.

So, gay pride protestors reacted after Istanbul banned the “Pride” event on Saturday, and they gathered in the nearby neighbourhood of Cihangir the next day and shouted: “Don’t be quiet, shout out, gay people exist!”

They sure do! So, if Islam doesn’t accept gay people, then they’re not welcome with their backwards thinking in the western world. Or should we tolerate their intolerance and hatred towards gay people? They need to learn how to integrate into European culture and not vice versa.

Until we see Christian churches being built so that ex-pats in Muslim countries, can pray in peace, then it makes you wonder why we should provide Mosques for worship in European countries, doesn’t it? It is clear that these Mosques across Europe are also hotspots for clerics to preach extremist views and radicalise young muslim men into Jihadi terrorists.

We do practice religious tolerance in the western world, but do not take our kindness for weakness. Since, do strict Muslim countries and preachers show much tolerance for Christianity, Jewish people and or even Gay people? Well, no they don’t.

Police kick and restrain an LGBT group member in Istanbul. Credit: ABC News

So, please enlighten us of how extreme muslim ideologies can inter-mix into western culture? When will extremists or radical muslims, fully integrate into the western world, then?

If you don’t accept gay people, or the equal rights of women, support and continue to think that child brides and marriage is Halal, then how are you befitting to be integrating into Europe or even America for that matter?

Moderate Islam is something we fully support, but the same can’t be said about the values of strict, radical Muslims.

What’s happened now in Istanbul, is just another sign of how we are inherently different from the Turkish in so many ways.

Now here’s another interesting message from Paul Thomas Watson, god forbid, if the U.K. would become even more soft on its Brexit negotiations, in which case, if Turkey would ever be allowed to join the E.U; it would surely be another dangerous prospect. Sometimes a hard Brexit, might have been what the people had really voted for, instead.

We wonder what Sadiq Khan thinks of the disruptions of the “Gay Pride” event in Turkey, don’t you? He’s already been soft on the banning of Hezbollah, read here. Does he support the LGBT community, in let’s say, London?

Although, you won’t catch this sort of hypocrisy on the colluded left-wing news media. It’s a real shame about the “Gay Pride” celebrations in Turkey, don’t you think?

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Europe 1

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