Do Some Men Have A Preferred Taste In Women?

Some men like brunettes, some men prefer blondes, some men like raven-black haired beauties and some even like women with dyed coloured hair and plenty of tattoos (why not?). Some prefer every woman from every ethnicity under the sun, (that’s us), but is there always a favourite physical aesthetic for certain men, whom they are most attracted to. Who knows? You just can’t generalise, but we should really do a cross-country survey out on the streets, in order to just find this out, or let’s just use Brad Pitt as an example, shall we?

So, are certain men more aligned to be attracted more so to a specific look, than to other one’s? How much is physical attraction playing apart in whom they couple with? Is it a lookalike of a previous girlfriend or spouse, or are men’s tastes changing like the weather does? One day it’s raining and so you’re into emo chicks and then suddenly it’s summer sunshine again and that blonde in that breezy summer dress looks so fine, is she your next focus of attraction. Remember you can only do this, if you’re single, do not do it, when you’re standing next to your wife. Truly a bad idea!

We won’t even have time to address the mystics of female attraction, as some days they want the boy next door, then the next day, they want some hairy bearded lumberjack type guy, then they want Ryan Gosling from The Notebook, once again.

Men and women are very different thinkers. – Credit: fasab

Men are not all that different to women, even though men are apparently from Mars and while most women are for “Penis”, erm, we mean “from Venus”. Typo! No misogyny intended. But, you can buy that book here! Wow! If that’s true it would be so simple to comprehend it all and we would just consult those commentators from Ancient Aliens to decipher that book and the ongoing mystery of inter-planetary descent, right? If Men were from Mars, just imagine that? And, women then were from Venus, which is so close to the sun, perhaps that’s why some of them are so damn hot at times?

Well, so maybe flavours and certain looks play apart and perhaps it all changes with urges or perhaps, it even changes like the seasons, like Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer, or sometimes you just want to eat caramel ice-cream, then the next day you’re all about Chocolate and then even Vanilla ice-cream too. You just never know, do you? That monogamy construct, then you’ll have the same damn crackers every day, just like Eddie Murphy said.

But, who is the men of all men? Apart from when he’s appearing on Stephen Colbert’s dubious late night talk show or posing like a sullen child in GQ style Magazine; but it surely must be Brad Pitt, 53, a true good-looking guy and with the recent news of his justified backstage antics at Glastonbury at the weekend, in not philandering (divorced), but with planting little kisses backstage with British actress Sienna Miller. Hot News! So, we now wish to use Brad as an example of how men come back to themselves through the other side of dark relationships, perhaps? Or just how tastes can vary when you’re trying to find your next mate or do old habits always come back, eventually?

Brad Pitt was spotted enjoying Glastonbury’s various acts. – Credit: Daily Mail/BBC

Yes, Brad Pitt dated Juliette Lewis (a bit of a rogue “cool” one) back in the day, but he was also very close to Gwyneth Paltrow (blonde), before also marrying Jennifer Aniston (blondish-light brunette), only to later marry and have many children with Angelina Jolie (raven haired-brunette). Of course, we all know Brad’s disappointment with the announced split and on-going divorce which commenced in mid September of 2016. But before we go any further, here’s an interesting list of Brad Pitt’s flings and relationships, read here.

And, as you can see, he doesn’t discriminate one bit, which is not surprising in the least. He’s a movie star and he surely has the pickings from a whole bunch. Some celebrity rumours even suggest that once upon a time he had Selena Gomez wishing upon a star, that she’d catch up with Brad at a red carpet event last year. Clearly, way too young though. So, there are still definitive rules to attraction and in finding a new mate or partner. He’s surely got no shortage of bachelorette’s coming his way.

So, what to make of Sienna Miller and Brad Pitt’s backstage fling at Glastonbury? Perhaps, a new relationship is on the cards, or is it just a bit of fun? This of course, comes not long after Sienna Miller denied those rumours of a fling, many months earlier and even Brad Pitt & Kate Hudson, were also just friends in the end. But, if you had a look at that list up there, it does seems that Brad’s preference is still blondes. Proving that you can’t really teach an old dog new tricks, since there’s always a favourite, even though, once you’ve found that type of special person that you’re most attracted to, you married a different flavour than your usual in Angelina Jolie, so it definitely seems like Brad is still mostly partial to blonde women. Just maybe?

Sienna Miller and her friends attended Glastonbury as well. – Credit: Daily Mail

So could most men have a certain physical attraction preference, when it comes to a bit of fun, as opposed to a long-term partner? Or maybe not? Do long-term relationships eventually plateau and then the attraction from the honeymoon period, wanes off and both of your minds start drifting off into fantasies of some action with somebody completely different? Only because errands, work, children and a multitude of hassles seemingly came in-between you both, in everyday life? Or is it just the so-called three year itch?

We have read many an article that women, when they’re menstruating, they usually prefer a big beefcake of a man, with lots of facial hair, but for long-term relationships (or is it the other way around?), they might just settle for a baby-faced bad boy or even a good boy, or even sometimes they want that sort of cool and lanky awkward sort of sexy nerdy guy, right? We can’t speak for all women since we also certainly won’t rely on the female writers at Cosmopolitan Magazine to define us, either. Even though, that’s such a go to source for women who are so confused about their men, whilst their writers may not have even been laid in eons. Now we mean eons from space and time in physics, okay? Get your head around that one?

You just can’t put a finger on attraction and maybe it all comes back to science once again, “no, not with planets, like Mars and Venus”, but with chemistry. You know? The spark? If there’s no spark or passion, then there’s no longevity, is there? There’s never going to be a successful relationship?

But, with Brad, don’t you think it’s fair that after all he went through, that he’d be given the time now to explore the lands, without fear of commitments, right? There’ll always be different answers and opinions.

Could it all come down to horoscopes and stars signs? – Credit:

So, is it all written in the stars then?  Some would like to think that it is and there’s seems to be a definite relation between star signs and the relationships that turn out to be successful. A perfect match in the stars will most definitely call for calmer days in your unity, during times of stress and anguish, which will only produce with the wrong match, very horrible times. Please believe us and also believe in the stars.

So seemingly, there’s a relation between specific tastes and preference in attraction, but regardless the wrong horoscope match will see your relationship become even more difficult than it ever needs to be.

Since clearly the passion of attraction between Brad Pitt (Sagittarius) and Angelina Jolie (Gemini) cannot be denied, it was like HOT FIRE, since surely they’re two of the hottest celebrities to ever exist, but according to the star constellations up in the sky, they were not right for each other, at all.

So now, we paste in an excerpt from Ganeshasspeak, proving that they argued a lot etc. etc. and this is very true.

GeminiSagittarius Compatibility – Geminians and Sagittarians are restless and prone to arguments. They find it hard to stick to a place or a person for too long. However, a Sagittarian loves to involve in a cause but a Geminian neither has energy nor time for it.

So, in conclusion people may be physically attracted to each other like an incurable obsession, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re right for each other in the long-term, which makes you wonder how they even stuck it out for so many years, right?

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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