Scott Baio Calls Out George Clooney On $1 Billion Tequila Sale

We hope everyone had a lovely weekend, since it was pretty relaxed and very much like “Happy Days” and so now we’re back at it again, after the news of last weeks Tequila company sale by George Clooney for a cool $1 billion dollars.

Yes, Mr. Clooney, the avid actor, writer, producer and director just sold tequila brand ‘Casamigos’ last week for some mere pocket change, or is it more reminiscent of a kind of Ocean’s Eleven heist in the beverage market? You be the judge, but obviously this must be some seriously amazing tequila. Now that he sold it, we will one day go out of our way to find this tequila brand and definitely have a shot or two, without a doubt. Cheers!

Casamigos! Salut! Credit: BusinessInsider

Scott Baio who hit superstardom as “Chachi”, the cousin of the Fonze in ‘Happy Days’, who is a conservative at heart, said what many should already have been thinking regarding this Casamigos deal from George Clooney and partners, plus we definitely agree with Mr. Scott Baio to 100%. So, let’s see Scott’s spot on Tweet, shall we? Dun, dun, dun!

Scott Baio (Twitter-Tweet, June 22nd, 2017)

Congratulations, George Clooney on your billion $ tequila sale. In good faith you should give your share of the $$$ to Syrian refugees!

The timing was apt, the consensus was correct, since it was even liked over 19 thousand times and has also now been re-tweeted over 8 thousand times.

Yes, you remember George Clooney’s insistence that European countries and also America definitely needed to take in many more Syrian refugees. As always George likes to take the moral high ground on this issue, yet contributes nothing to the causes that spill out of his mouth, which beggars the question, what sort of “Hypocritical-Hollywood Social Justice Warrior” planet does George Clooney even live on these days? Let’s interrupt this article briefly, with a “Perfect” recap from Paul Thomas Watson, just so we can get his view on this recent news too. Surely, his mind hasn’t changed now either.

So, that was pretty much hitting the nail on the head, or totally right on the money, don’t you think? So, will George Clooney now put his “money where his mouth is?”

We doubt it, since George Clooney may have just turned a blind eye to all of the Muslim migrant rapes, violent Islamic crime surges across Europe, plus not to mention the numerous terrorist attacks, and even maybe he forgot about all the illegal immigrant Jihadists that now lurk in Germany, Belgium, Sweden and even the United Kingdom, because he’d be unable to see them from his gated mansions, with only left-wing liberal news channels to watch from the comfort of his many plush vintage sofas. But still, he thinks that European countries haven’t done enough to help Syrian refugees. Well in the words of Janet Jackson, George? What have you and Amal “done for them lately?”

We definitely enjoyed Scott Baio’s tweet, how about you? Credit: TheHollywoodReporter

So perhaps, since he’s now worth an estimated $500 million to $550 million, as opposed to $225 million just last week, he can now take it upon himself to build a new country somewhere, where he can self-sufficiently house his own nation of Syrian refugees. Isn’t that just wonderful and we now await his response to this “hot off the press” idea to help those Syrian refugees?

Will George make an announcement sometime this week, revealing his plans to build a new country, as he really could just house them himself, couldn’t he? We would love to see this crystal champagne socialism in full effect, but the difference this time, would be that he really did what he thinks European countries should already be doing more of, right? But, all by himself.

However, ever since North African refugees showed up on the doorstep of his Lake Como mansion in Italy, George sort of went quiet on the migrant issue, which sort of makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Has he now changed his mind about muslim migrants that were displaced by corrupt Democratic party bombing during the previous President’s tenure aka Hillary Clinton? Let’s see what George Clooney will do next. We are excited, very excited, since this could spell the end of the migrant crisis altogether, given that recent Casamigos deal.


Brainstain, over and out!

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