Shark Studies Have Evolved (And So Has The Great White Shark)

You remember back when you were a kid and you’d go to the beach with your family, but you had seen Jaws way too soon, since back then parents really did let you watch whatever you wanted to see. Yes, we’re the kids of real popular culture and some of us are very refined, indeed.

So, with that classic film from Steven Spielberg (legend!) many of us as children hopped straight into the library with a new-found obsession for sharks, as 6-year-olds and 7-year olds, studying and memorizing every species known to man. Out of all those different shark species, apart from the extinct Megalodon, keen interest was laid onto its cousin, the Great White Shark, who was also the lead star of Jaws, mind you… Even, if he resembled a tin can without those fast edits, you do still know, that he could have been out there, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun…

Some of us don’t like the depths of the ocean anyway, but with the added mystery of what lies beneath, it be safe to say, that some people still don’t want to swim out past the wave break, let’s say 20ft out from shore or so… Why? Perhaps, because of the score composed by John Williams?

So, what was curious all those years ago, was how to whichever beach that you went to, you were always told that there were definitely no sharks out there in the water. Well, ever since then, the studies of shark species via tracking devices have evolved exponentially, even with the help of sponsored missions by great documentary channels such as National Geographic & Discovery Channel (just to name a few), working in tandem with brave Shark scientists.

However, what’s been found since, is that Great White sharks can and do even swim into the Mediterranean ocean if they want to, even though it was originally thought that the sea was too warm for them. Wrong!

Now, it’s been known for a while that hotspots for Great White’s are most definitely off the coast of California, and off the coast of Virginia, North and South Carolina, and even Maine. Plus, not to mention where they love to hunt, off the coast of South Africa and Australia. So, all surfers from Durban to Cape Town, San Francisco to San Diego, and from Sydney beaches to the famous Bondi beach, should be aware that they’re just one surf board bump away from dropping into the ocean alongside a massive predator looking for a seal or something….

Great White Shark’s are reaching out further for prey. – Credit: National Geographic

But, what’s even more surprising and it’s in the news today, which is that off the shore of Hayling Island, Hampshire, in the United Kingdom, there have been sightings of a Great White Shark made by shark expert and scientist, Graeme Pullen, who has been tracking the predator for two years already, who told the Mirror,

“This is surely Britain’s first Great White, and it’ll be coming back this summer. The danger is this shark will eventually stumble across someone in a wetsuit and mistake them for a seal.”

Additionally, commercial fishing captain, Pete Williams said, “It was huge, the biggest shark I have seen, and it looked like a Great White. It literally wrenched the net out of my arms and ripped through it like tissue paper.”

Then to make the case of this Great White, even more significant, shark fisherman Wayne Comben, said,  “I saw a very big dorsal fin. I can’t see what else it could have been other than a Great White.”

Seriously! This is both interesting and it definitely lays weight to the claim that the Great White Shark has free reign and even has a visa free international passport to cold waters, then?

Beach-goer’s in Brighton could be at risk of a shark attack. – Credit: Daily Mail

Even in Dorset, several dead Dolphins with bite marks have washed up onto the shores in recent months, with the Great White Shark, expected to be the number one suspect in such killing incidents.

Now we are also told not to fear sharks, because they’re very friendly right? Your average scuba diver and shark scientist and surfer, will say that Sharks don’t intend on biting you, because they think you’re a seal. Well, how does that matter if you’re now missing a leg?

So, each to their own ideas, we guess, and so swim out far into the ocean at your own risk, then?

Still all of us at Brainstain, much prefer the calmer tides within our office, rather than be out there paddling on the surface of the murky depths.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: BBC

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