T2 Trainspotting Released on DVD Today

Who remembers the year of 1996? We do! And, what a year it was! We had the PS One, we had 2Pac and people still smoked hashish. Yes, with beckoning adulthood on the horizon, recreational drug culture, entertainment and great films were most definitely also on the rise, way back then. It was also the year that Trainspotting was released in cinemas and even later on VHS, but it wasn’t available on DVD until at least the year of 1998 or was it even in the year 1999? A “bloody” long time ago now, since DVDs didn’t even exist back then. Just imagine that? And, Blockbuster Video was still the place to be on a Tuesday night!

So, when everyone heard that there’d be a Trainspotting sequel, many feared the worst, however, this didn’t stop the fans of the first film, to hotly anticipate this sequel entitled¬†T2 Trainspotting, even after 20 or 21 years since its original release in cinemas, did it? And rightly so, since most sequels are known to be notoriously crap, but with original director Danny Boyle back as the master of it all, then expectations were naturally set at a very high level.

A lot changes, but much still stays the same. That’s life. Credit: Variety/T2Trainspotting

So, flashback to 1996 with the Official Trailer of Trainspotting (buy here) now, when we were reminded to Choose Life. How has everyone’s life gone, since 20 years ago? Did it turn out as expected? A lot’s changed, many twists and turns “no doubt”, but in essence, it’s still been a journey, hasn’t it? Having a choice and the illusion of choice is something which Trainspotting paints so well.

So, let’s see the journey progression from the original trailer to the new trailer, in the lives of the lead characters of Renton, Begbie, Sick Boy and Spud, shall we? Waves of nostalgia wash over you now.

This is a slice of Great British culture, even though it’s set in Scotland, as much as they’d like to separate from the United Kingdom (or not?), this film was a big hit everywhere and you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing someone wearing a Trainspotting t-shirt or see a poster on somebody’s bedroom wall, whilst someone was rolling up a “King-L” in the near vicinity, whilst downing a pint of Lager, which was obviously stolen right before last calls at the pub.

So naturally, we were pretty excited to see the sequel ourselves and if it would indeed, do the original film any justice? Before we get into a slight review of the plot, let’s get a sneak peek at the trailer for those that haven’t seen it yet, which might just give you a clue.

“Choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and hope that someone, somewhere cares”. – Renton

That sort of sums up the last twenty years, doesn’t it? So, this trailer should send some shivers down your spine, right? So, what the hell went wrong in society in the last twenty years? Apparently, a lot of things.

Well, so not to be a plot spoiler or anything, but we can gladly say that this film stands up to the original and then some, which is a hard thing to come by in today’s film market, since sequels are usually drawn out pieces of sh*t, but not this film. It hits the nail right on the head and it carries the plot of Renton’s return to his old pastures, without fail.

So, we recommend that you purchase the DVD right to your doorstep from Amazon and place it in your DVD collection, straight away! Since surely, you’ll thank us later.

We’d give the film 4.5 Brains out of 5! Ha!

Brainstain, over and out!

Buy T2 Trainspotting right here!

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