Two Young Children Recently Raped in Manchester

Are child rapes on the increase in parts of the United Kingdom? Seemingly so, as the last incidents in the past few days show in Manchester, where there have been the reported rapes of an 8-year-old girl in Nuthurst Park, in Moston, Greater Manchester just this weekend, on Saturday the 24th of June, in broad daylight by a 16-year-old boy. Plus, another 4-year-old was raped by a 21-year-old man in Salford. We wonder where they may have learnt these values from? Who were the parents? As this is truly a sickening string of attacks!

Could it be another mentally ill lone wolf or could it be immigrants from muslim countries or cultures, who may believe that 8-year olds and 4-year-olds are ripe for child marriage and even raping?

Moston is a notoriously Muslim area of Greater Manchester and as for Salford, the culprit remains a mystery, but you’d have to wonder wouldn’t you? Since neither identities of the attackers are being released.

So, odds on are that it could very well be unassimilated Muslim migrants, as this is not something of a very usual occurrence in the United Kingdom, in news of years gone passed, is it?

The forensic scene in Nuthurst Park.  Credit: DailyMail

Only child rapist and killer Ian Huntley has done anything remotely similar, as can be reported by the timeline of news reports in the United Kingdom since way back in 2002. The difference there is that Ian Huntley actually killed the two 8-year-old children, as well.

However, in modern-day Britain, just how bad the deluded left-wing news media coverage is nowadays, they’re both “deluded” and in “denial”, just like when an Islamic terror attack happens, they say “let us not jump to any conclusions”, the favourite phrase of socialists and labour party “Marxist” Corbyn lovers. Yes, to be in denial is one of their favourite hobbies.

As in Sweden and also Germany, whenever any migrant rapes happen, they cannot say the ethnicity or religious background of the rapists’, since it doesn’t fit in with their agenda of socialist open borders to muslim migrants and the save all the refugees rhetoric.

But, do they think that all people are really all that stupid? Let’s be honest, people are not as stupid, as they like to think we are.

So, the culprit cannot be named for legal reasons (but he’s 16 years old) and the child killers of James Bulger were most definitely named and they were way under 16-years of age. So, what gives?

However, this time it wasn’t murder, but it’s pretty damn close to it, don’t you think? Raping 8-year-olds and 4-year-olds, yet their identities are hidden. Could it be because they are Muslim migrants?

So now, will this young man’s ethnicity or religious descent ever be released to the public, or any information of how this evil 16-year old monster came to be? Nope.

We believe this information should be released to the public, since if you’re a rapist and or a rapist of children especially, then you should be exposed and punished to the full extent of the law. We recommend the physical castration of all child rapists! But hey! That’s just us and we’re just old school, like that!

Furthermore, let’s go over the sickening child rape that happened just a day later, this time in Salford (Manchester), where a 4-year old girl was raped by a 21-year-old male and he was arrested under suspicion of doing just that, after disturbances were reported at around 4:22am in the morning, after the incident, which was said to have occurred the previous day on June 26th.

Let’s go back to the Moston rape now, where the crime was deemed too serious for the District Court, and the 16-year-old will no be sentenced on July 10th at Manchester Crown Court, and Judge Hadfield said, “You will appreciate the charge you face is a very serious charge. This matter is so serious that it is going to be committed to Manchester Crown Court.”

At least that, as his parents sat stoned face in the court, perhaps, they wondered how and what sort of values did they teach their 16-year-old child?

Credit: Mirror

The victim is now being tended to by specialist Greater Manchester Police, along with the family, who are naturally outraged. The Greater Manchester Police Force, said, “This is in relation to an incident that happened just before 6.55pm on Saturday 24 June 2017 when police were called to reports that an eight-year-old girl had been raped in Nuthurst Park.”

“We are aware of a lot of local speculation regarding the investigation and we would ask that this please stops to allow the investigation and legal process to continue without prejudice.”

Without prejudice? Hmmm, that does sound like an Islamic child rape incident, doesn’t it?

A local to the area, Lindsey Litten, 43, said, “There must have been at least 30 people in there at the time, including kids in the playground. You just couldn’t dream something like that would happen in broad daylight with so many people around. We’ve got grandkids and they go in there, thankfully not without me. It’s so scary.”

Credit: TheMirror

John Patterson, 68, another local, said, “We saw all the police who came swarming in last night, but it wasn’t until later we found out what it was all about. We couldn’t believe it, we thought it can’t be this park. In broad daylight like that it beggars belief it really does.”

Further information about the rape of the 4-year-old child by a 21-year-old male, is yet to be released or even largely covered by any of the mainstream news media.

We believe that incidents like these should be front page news, ahead of fake narratives of Russian collusion in the U.S. election (proven to be fake news), plus this news should also dominate ahead of Sadiq Khan’s constant whining about Donald Trump not being allowed a state visit to London in the fall. Are you news networks, even serious?

Socialism and shadow gov. collusion, perhaps you could report on that?

Or maybe report on the covering up of migrant rapes, one day?

Where are the priorities of the mainstream news media, such as the BBC and Sky News? Well, seemingly it’s still in the attempt at the deception of the British public.

Will they release the names and ethnicity of the two monsters that raped these two young children? We doubt it (socialism hides facts) but only taking an educated guess and perhaps even asking the locals in the area will reveal who was really responsible for these sickening crimes, which will surely have a horrible effect on the victims for the rest of their lives.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: The Sun

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