How Superhero Policeman Wayne Marques Fought Off London Bridge Jihadists

On June 3rd, 2017, Wayne Marques, a British Transport Policeman, was confronted and attacked by the three Jihadist attackers who carried out the London Bridge and Borough Market terror attack. The three terrorists came up alongside him like a pack of wolves, before unleashing a vicious stabbing attack to his head, leg and left hand.

Incredibly, after suffering a knife stabbing up above his eye, Wayne Marques from Birmingham, but residing in South London, clearly tough as nails, brung out his baton and fought the coward “losers” with all his might for an altercation lasting a full 90 seconds.

Let’s now hear it in his own words of how he fought back to protect the public and also his own life. A true superhero! With every hit he landed on these “loser” terror attackers, you could be sure that god was upstairs applauding his bravery.

Somebody give this brave man a medal, a promotion, a definite raise and perhaps an OBE. Yes, and also if he has any wants or any needs for any aesthetic/cosmetic treatment or surgeries, this should also be provided for him at the expense of the government and be provided privately outside of the NHS. This should also include any medical treatment for post-traumatic stress for him and his whole family, should he have one.

Yesterday, he spoke for the first time publicly about the incident during the terror attack and it is surely an inspirational story of his bravery amidst the burgeoning sickness of the rife abundance of domestic Jihadists still residing in the United Kingdom. When will these ISIS sympathisers and radical Islamic clerics be deported back to their homelands?

When will Mosques that preach hatred for the United Kingdom and the west, be shut down? When will Sadiq Khan admit there’s a problem in L0ndon and their boroughs, that’s getting out of hand. Let’s recall how Saqid Khan said on Good Morning Britain that he can’t track all the domestic Jihadists as London Mayor, but he sure has enough resources to try and target so-called Islamophobia on Twitter. What a joke!

What a smug and horrible London Mayor that some people have apparently chosen? Surely, now many people do not want him to be Mayor, after his weak stance on Islamic Extremists, since he brushes shoulders with Islamic hate clerics in the capital and for many years already.

He’s always full of excuses, whilst, he still also refused to support a Hezbollah ban, read here.

When will Theresa May step up and override Khan’s weakness on Islamic terror, as London Mayor? That’s a good question, isn’t it?

Is Sadiq Khan a conflict of interest in the face of Islamic terrorism in London? Perhaps, he is, what do you all think? Please, tell us in our comments section.

Wayne Marques speaking about his run in with the terrorists. – Credit: Daily Mail

When will British national Muslims who are known Jihadists and Extremist sympathisers, with terror links and extremist views, be deported, indefinitely? When will Sadiq Khan start doing his job, properly?

When will Theresa May go hardline on these issues, working alongside the MI-5, to sift out and deport whole families that are a conflict of interest to the western lifestyle, even though, they might be born in Great Britain or not?

Back to Wayne Marques now, a 38-year-old Transport Police Officer armed only with a baton that night. Post the London Bridge terror attack, it has raised some serious questions about at what level and time, that most other Police Officer’s should be allowed to be armed with guns.

Imagine if Wayne Marques was trained with a firearm? And, if he isn’t the only one, these Jihadists armed with knifes, would have been shot dead in a matter of seconds, right?

Many lives and life altering injuries could have been prevented if nearby Police had been armed with let’s say, handguns?

These Jihadists would have been killed with instant headshots, much-much earlier. PC Marques was recently discharged from hospital after three weeks in recovery and he now takes 25 pills a day, after the horrible attack. These pills are believed to be a combination of pain killers and anti-anxiety medicines.

Wayne Marques cannot yet walk unaided, he’s scarred above his right eye and still has a problem with gripping objects with his left hand. The right side of his head has also lost feeling, due to nerves being severed in his head.

Wayne Marques, said, “Hopefully with the right help and the right care, I’ll get my legs back – that will be a great feeling, I am looking forward to getting my legs back definitely.”

Marques a keen footballer, won’t be seen running up and down a patch of grass with friends anytime soon, but there’s always hope.

Marques said it is too early to tell whether he would be able to return to work as a Police Officer.

The perpetrators of the London Bridge terrorist attacks. – Credit: Daily Mail

Well, we clearly believe that he should be offered a top job with British intelligence to counter domestic Islamic terrorism and their supporters and enthusiasts. So, currently Marques is unsure what the future holds in terms of employment.

Marques said, “When that bridge comes, I will make that decision. The only clear answer I have for you about being a police officer is, it’s what I’m good at. I’m good at what I do.”

We recommend the British Met Police to consider this man as a great candidate to work at MI-5, in the counter terrorism unit. Get well soon Wayne, our thoughts are with you. Bless.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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