Is Taylor Swift set to ‘Dazzle’ us?

In the X-men universe, there are strong rumours that Taylor Swift is set to be the newest addition to the team, set to appear as the mutant pop star ‘Dazzler’.

This hearsay comes from actress Sophie Turner who is best known for her role as Sansa Stark on the HBO fantasy television series Game of Thrones. And, who has also made an appearance in the X-men universe as a young Jean Grey. This intel comes from a ‘Flashback Friday’ picture on Instagram where Turner’s character is staring at a vinyl cover of the ‘Dazzler’ and the tag is Taylor Swift. Here’s that symbolic picture now.

Credit: SophieT

Alison Blaire, aka ‘Dazzler’, is a mutant who is able to transfer sound waves into energy or light beams. Originally, she was solely a Disco queen, in fact, one of her alias’ is ‘Disco Dazzler’ but later on in the series, she branches out to both pop and rock music. Are these sparkly boots too big to fill by a pop diva such as Swifty?

This news was made substantial as the cast of X-men recently visited Taylor’s recording studio. Is this another sign or are they simply set to record another number one musical number?

Could the Dazzler show up in real life via Taylor Swift? Credit: Marvel

Rumours aside, the pop princess has been seen in lycra and alongside ‘superheroes’ in her video ‘Bad Blood’ with Cara Delevingne recently appearing in the DCEU as ‘Enchantress’. Does Taylor want to be part of the trend? Or part of something bigger, like the Marvel universe? It does really seem like it all has been building up to this, doesn’t it?

Credit: TheAustralian

But, does she have the qualifications to be an actress? Well, some of you may remember her role in Valentine’s Day alongside Taylor Lautner (one of her many exe’s) and she has also done voice acting in The Lorax. But more recently, she starred alongside Jeff Bridges in the young adult film The Giver. The superhero roles are taken seriously and most actors/actresses go through months of strenuous training to transform their bodies into superhuman condition.

It doesn’t matter what we say about Taylor, “cause the fact is…haters gonna hate, hate, hate’”…

The newest X-men movie, X-Men: Dark Phoenix is scheduled to be released in November 2018. So, let’s see what happens.

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