Official UK Charts Change Rules To Stop Ed Sheeran Effect

The Official Chart Company are shaking up their rules for the UK charts, in order to prevent an artist or group from dominating the majority of the top spots. This will mean that they will stop the same artist from having more than three songs in the top 100 at the same time. A huge blow for Ed Sheeran, the true Harry Potter of music, nowadays. Aberto!

Meaning, open up the musical windows for other artists of equal substance, to finally enter the music charts, please!

So, how will they now do this? Well, before, the charts would review the number of purchases of a particular song. Now, however, they will look into how many times it has been listened too.

The Official Chart Company has stated that these changes will give new or upcoming artists the chance to breakthrough and get their singles out on the charts. It’ll be an excellent way to get some unknown talent out there, instead of having to listen to “Shape of You” for the millionth time already.


“These changes will ensure the chart continues to be a showcase for the new hits and talent which are the lifeblood of UK music” Martin Talbot, chief executive, told NME.

“This is not a chart for album tracks; we want to remain the Official Singles Chart, for singles”

“It’s tougher than ever for new music and developing artists to break through, and this is us doing our bit. This is about injecting energy back into the chart.”

Earlier this year, sixteen tracks from Ed Sheeran’s album “Divide” appeared in the top 20 spots of the top singles list. Pretty ridiculous, right?

But it wasn’t only the success of the artist that attributed to this, it was also due to streaming metrics used by the company to calculate its charts.

Divide's 16 tracks occupy the Top 20 Singles Chart

Credit: Top 20 UK Chart

This will be excellent news for any musical artists looking to gain more fans and listeners. It’s honestly ridiculous how many of his singles dominated the charts this year. Whilst that’s not his fault personally, and the songs are okay at best (“Shape of You”) is still awful though, plus it was still pretty painstakingly ludicrous to listen to wherever we went.

However, it’s good news to see that the company are now realising the obvious problem with their old rules, and actually want to help upcoming artists get noticed in new ways. It’ll be great to hear some more variety, which is what it should really involve, right? There’s probably a lot of good music out there that we haven’t ever heard of just yet, all being overshadowed by Ed Sheeran. What matters is how many people actually enjoy a song, not how many times it’s been bought over iTunes. Quality over quantity, after all. That should be the life motto, across the board in life.

So, sorry guys, but the Ed Sheeran effect stops here and now! And, thank god for that!


<Story by Emily Clark>

Featured Photo Credit: Independent

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