Madonna Halts Sale of Tupac’s Break Up Letter to her and her own Worn Panties

Back in the year of 1994 and 1995, Tupac Shakur was the undeniable superstar of the music industry (no apologies!), that commanded the respect, envy and subsequent political “Elitist” targeting and much more than we can say in just one sentence, but we can get into a little bit more about that later. However, the main news here is Madonna blocking the art auction of a break up letter from 2Pac, sent to Madonna, plus a pair of her worn panties, that seemingly went in the other direction.

Just imagine for a moment, if they haven’t ever been cleaned since the year of 1995, they will definitely cry foul of modern-day hygienic standards in celebrity apparel sales at art auctions, right? Are they sealed in an airtight bag? (Eeewwwww!) Who knows? But, let’s find out more shall we? Some sick f*ck may just bid for them, if so…

Madonna pulled out all the stops to block the art dealer from auctioning off the letter and worn panties, saying it infringes on her privacy, but this art dealer’s Attorney has now responded: “If she wanted privacy, mailing lingerie was not the way to go”.

At the 1995 MTV Awards. Credit: Pinterest

Yes, Madonna’s former art dealer, Darlene Lutz, has filed a motion asking for the auction of the items to resume, since their falling out in 2004, stating that this is like a personal vendetta between the two of them.

The personal items of Madonna are said to include a letter that she wrote about how she envied Whitney Houston’s singing career and also envied Sharon Stone’s film career, so seemingly the Material Girl couldn’t have it all, (boo-hoo!).

This of course, is years before she said that she fantasized often about blowing up The White House in that fake Establishment run “women’s march” with Sharia Law activist Linda Sarsour (Vomit!), just a day after the election of President Donald J. Trump. We haven’t been even slight fans of Madonna, ever since. We now beg the question of Madonna’s role in ever being in a real relationship with Tupac Shakur and in being┬áso close to his trials and tribulations at the hands of the Establishment, perhaps in the years of 1994-1995? Madonna has of course, been the Illuminati “head industry wh*re” for so many years. Or maybe not? Who knows? Either way, those years were most certainly waning on her life, and not to mention her face. Both are going south very rapidly, indeed.

Anyway, so Lutz filed with her attorney, Judd Grossman, court papers to the Supreme court pushing for the some 100 items to be auctioned off still, since Madonna is only after revenge, “This lawsuit is pretext for Madonna’s personal vendetta against Ms. Lutz, whom she already has sued once over a decade ago following a personal falling out.”

Madonna and Tupuc pictured together in 1994. Credit: Daily Mail

Grossman stated that Madonna was attempting to publicly smear his client by writing in her own filing that Lutz stole private and intimate property, such as her worn underwear.

This is getting a little bit heated, one could say, since Madonna filed on Tuesday, asking the court to intervene in the New York auction house, Gotta Have It Collectibles, stating that the items were taken without her permission.

On Wednesday, Lutz filed her papers the following day on Wednesday, which shows that Madonna gave up her rights for the property after a 2004 settlement and dispute, after they fell out thirteen years ago.

Lutz’s Attorney, Grossman wrote in the filing, “Madonna is grasping at straws by arguing that the broad release does not apply because the auction at issue is taking place ‘many years’ after the Settlement Agreement, and the general release did not apply to future claims,” said his memorandum.

The court paper filing points out that Madonna had sent the dirty underwear to Tupac whilst he was in prison on a bogus sexual abuse charge, at the hands of known government undercover operatives active in setting him up in New York City (that part is not in the memorandum, by the way). But, Grossman’s filing stated in response, “If Madonna truly wanted privacy, then mailing her lingerie was not the way to go.”

The letter and worn panties to be sold at auction. Credit: Daily Mail

Grossman appealed to the court that the restraining order from the sale of Madonna’s items, should be lifted and that Madonna should pay for Darlene Lutz’s current legal fees, as a result of blocking the sale of the items in the first place.

Madonna, who we all knew had a brief relationship with Tupac, received a letter from the artist from prison where he, in effect, was telling her that he did not wish to keep in contact with her, because of all the bad things that happened in his life, presumably, after they had met. Suspicious? We think so and it raises the question, could Madonna have been……behind something? Anyway, you get the idea, don’t you? Nobody knows or can verify such claims though. But, Tupac did write in the letter that also with her being white, it could damage his image back in 1995.

However, Tupac was naturally upset when he saw an interview with Madonna where she said, “I’m off to rehabilitate all the rappers and basketball players.”

Madonna in her filing, claims that Lutz had accessed her personal belongings when she helped her pack up belongings from a Miami property in 2004, where much of her memorabilia was present for Lutz to pick up.

Madonna stated, “The fact that I may have attained celebrity status as a result of success in my career does not obviate my right to maintain my privacy, including with regard to highly personal items.”

The Material Girl singer and her adopted children. Credit: Daily Mail

So, what will happen next? Will Darlene Lutz be granted to sell Madonna’s belongings, or not? We will have to wait and see as this story develops, but it’s curious to think back and wonder what if anything, did Madonna have to do with Tupac’s problems from 1994 up until 1995? The year when he was set up on a sexual abuse charge, the year when he was almost shot dead at Quad Studios, and went to prison. After all that, perhaps it’s only natural that he didn’t want to keep in touch with the Material Girl singer, anymore? Maybe we’re just fishing here, but it does seem suspicious when we really think back on it…That’s not to say Madonna had any influence on such occurrences.

Ah well, none of that can be verified right now, but Madonna’s place in the Establishment is very undeniable. So, there you have it, she is back in the news, and not because she’s adopting more children from Africa for a change…

Brainstain, over and out!

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