Spider-Man Homecoming’s Post-Credit Trailer (SPOILERS)

Spider-Man Homecoming is the newest addition to the Spider-Man franchise starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker. Whereas the previous series, ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ focused on Peter’s origin story, this story is set after Captain America: Civil War where we first met the newest Spidey.

As usual, Marvel placed a trailer (or two) at the end of the movie, now this does contain spoilers so if you don’t want any of the good stuff stop reading now, or alternatively, go and watch the film for yourself – ASAP! Go, go, go!

There are two trailers, the first one contains the real juicy stuff and the second one, well, is a bit of a gag intended to poke fun at the real Marvel fans in the audience.

In the first trailer, we see the villain (The Vulture played by Michael Keaton) who has just been captured arriving at the prison and on the way, he meets Mac Gargan, one of his associates who was badly scarred during his capture. Some Marvel fans might recognise the name ‘Mac Gargan’ as his alias is The Scorpion played by Michael Mando, who is one of Spiderman’s arch enemies and who is eventually part of the Sinister Six.

The Vulture played by Michael Keaton. Credit: Nerdist

But, who are the Sinister Six? Well, you know that everyone has their enemies, but Spider-Man has a team of enemies called ‘The Sinister Six’, the original group included: Doctor Octopus, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Sandman, and Vulture. However, over the years, and throughout the numerous comics the group has chopped and changed multiples times, even expanding to as much as sixty-six enemies, unlucky Spidey.

During the trailer, Mac asks The Vulture if he knows who the Spider-Man is, if you have seen the film then you will know that Adrian Toomes knows that Spider-Man is Peter Parker, but he chooses not to tell him as Peter saved his life at the end of the film. The Scorpion says it doesn’t matter as “I’ve got some friends on the outside”, which is truly terrifying… not.

The very cool Spiderman Homecoming promotional picture, wearing a letterman style jacket. Credit: Spidermanhomecoming.com

The second trailer, however, has very little to do with the sequel, it is Captain America walking onscreen to tell us that sometimes patience doesn’t pay off… after we waited for this trailer that appeared after the credits — thanks, cap. Always giving us great advice, and the kids at Peter’s school are subjected to it daily, even though, technically, he is now a war criminal…? Oops.

We can’t wait for the next Avengers: Infinity War, where Spidey will be showing off his brand-new suit that was revealed towards the end of Homecoming. Mr Stark has certainly been busy. He also tries to officially welcome Peter into the Avengers (which he turns down). Awkward.

Look out for The Avengers in 2018 and hopefully, we will get a Homecoming sequel.


<Story by Sophie Ogden>

Featured Photo Credit: Screen Rant

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