Transfer Deadline Day: What’s Hot & What’s Not?

Transfer Deadline Day for the English Premier League is beckoning on us all tomorrow evening, with the dealings set to officially cease at 00:00 GMT on Thursday, August 31st, 2017, we thought we’d assess what’s likely to happen before then.

Now where to begin, since there’s so much action, but let’s start sort of semi-alphabetically, shall we?


After a crushing 4-0 loss to Liverpool, it was clear that Arsenal never had a chance of scoring with Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez both playing as badly as they did. Not to mention Arsenal’s defence was disastrous! Anyway, it is clear that Arsene Wenger has yet to master the transfer market. He’s reportedly willing to let Skhodran Mustafi leave after only one season to Inter Milan, which is a bit of a stupid move we think. So, expect Mustafi to be an Inter Milan player before Friday. Now the big story on Deadline Day is whether Alexis Sanchez will get his desired move to Manchester City to rejoin ranks with Pep Guardiola, instead of losing him next season for nothing as Sanchez’s contract expires in July of 2018.

This doesn’t look good, Wenger chats to Sanchez. This goose is cooked. Credit: Mirror

However, Arsene Wenger might not be as bad in the Transfer Market as you all think, as he’s willing to listen to a cash offer, believed to be in the region of above £50 million, but get this! Arsene wants Raheem Sterling as an additional part of the deal. That’s very clever, and you know that Sterling would fit into Arsenal’s side like a glove. Plus he surely prefers London to Manchester as well. So, will Pep Guardiola take the bait? We certainly hope so, and Arsene Wenger should definitely rid the Gunners of Alexis Sanchez, ASAP! He’s bringing everybody down with him. Arsene better do it quickly, and find another Central defender to replace Mustafi post-haste if they’re ever to recover from this barren run of a losing mentality.

Imagine him as a Gunner. Fantastic! Credit: Irish Mirror


Skipping over to South West London now, to Stamford Bridge, where an angry Antonio Conte attempts to fill the gaps in his squad against the clock. Tensions are running high as Antonio Conte looks to bolster his registration needs and future reassurance of more English players, by going for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for £35 million. However, it seems that the Ox is reluctant to leave and may stay at Arsenal after all. Another fork in Conte’s plans. He’s also in the market for Ross Barkley of Everton, a man relegated to the bench by Ronald Koeman. Can it happen? It won’t be cheap if it does, that’s for sure. Also, Conte wants Danny Drinkwater from Leicester City for £40 million, and this could well be in the bag by the deadline. Lastly and most strangely, Antonio Conte thinks that Fernando Llorente from Swansea could fill the void of Diego Costa’s future departure to Atletico Madrid. We sort of see how Fernando Llorente could partner Alvaro Morata, but for £20 million for Llorente at 32 years of age? Just goes to show how crazy this transfer window really is. Tottenham’s Danny Rose could seal a deal by making the switch to Chelsea. We think he’d fit like a glove with the Blue Lions, as well. All the best to Antonio Conte, who surely knows what he needs. Will they win the title again this season? This transfer window will prove pivotal, indeed.

Conte is animated as usual on Deadline Day. Credit: Paolo Bruno/Getty Images


Naby Keita of RB Leipzig has moved to Liverpool for £48 million/£55 million, but not until July of 2018. Klopp is gunning to make AS Monaco winger Thomas Lemar his current purchase in excess of £60 million, but something tells us that he’ll need to be closer to £70 million if he wishes to bring yet another winger to Liverpool. Virgil Van Dijk remains in his sights, but with Southampton not willing to sell, this saga continues right up until the wire. Will Klopp get Van Dijk or won’t he?

Klopp also wants to sign Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain from Arsenal, since the Ox doesn’t want to play for Chelsea. He believes he will be subjected to the Wing Back role, something which Alex doesn’t enjoy. In all honesty, how many wingers does Jurgen Klopp really need? That’s the big question. Seemingly he’s gone winger mad or something? Additionally, Liverpool already rejected £138 million from FC Barcelona for Philip Coutinho and now that the Brazilian is on international duty, another player has come back to haunt Barcelona and it’s Neymar Jr. who told Coutinho not to join Barcelona, saying that he would regret joining them should he decide to do so. Ouch! Neymar slaps Barcelona in the face, yet again. Coutinho could stay a Red, whilst Barcelona will have to content themselves with Ousmane Dembele, who just signed from Borussia Dortmund.

Virgil Van Dijk encourages calm here, but surely he wants a move to the Reds, right? It could cost £70 million, though… Credit: The Sun

Manchester City

Manchester City want Johnny Evans for £30 million so he can link up with John Stones, but West Brom want Eliaquim Mangala going the other way to the Hawthorns, and we know how much Tony Pulis loves his strong centre backs, don’t we? A cash plus player offer could see Pep Guardiola taking the bait yet again. Will they get Alexis Sanchez and if so, how will this affect Sergio Aguero? Will Wilfred Bony be sold and or loaned out? One can only hope so… Fabian Delph, who has been warming the changing room and sitting on the couch at home collecting his weekly wages, might be sold to Stoke, which would be nice for him, but that might entail actually playing, something which most footballers strive for and Delph is no different. There’s also an inkling of hope of an England call up as well, if he plays regularly for Stoke. Alexis Sanchez could just be Guardiola’s final piece of the puzzle, but he would have to let Raheem Sterling join the Gunners. Clever, Wenger, very clever.

Shopaholic Pep Guardiola may feel like he got the short end of the stick come transfer deadline day, or will he? Credit: Daily Mail

Manchester United 

During the end of the transfer window, things are seemingly quiet for the Red Devils, with Jose Mourinho already tying up Lkaku, Matic and Lindelof, and let’s not forget the mighty Zlatan Ibrahimovic, as well. Whilst Jose Mourinho wanted another wide player like Perisic, but with great starts from Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford, he has lightened up and seemingly won’t pull the trigger on any further transfers, though you can never truly rule it out as a possibility. Perhaps another signing would be something extra to lift spirits in the Theatre of Dreams even further, eh?

He’s back to terrify defence’s in January or sooner, depending on Mourinho’s squad registration selections. Credit: Daily Star

Tottenham Hotspurs

Manager Mauricio Pochettino had been criticised for signing absolutely nobody, even by his players, which showed a lack of ambition, but then all of a sudden Ajax centre back Davinson Sanchez signed for £28 million, plus add-ons totalling another £14 million. This went some way to quench the critics, though not nearly enough to quench all of them. They still seem to lack the pull to attract a marquee signing and now Pochettino is preparing to lose Danny Rose to Chelsea, by lining up another full back in Serge Aurier of PSG for £24 million, but the negotiations have hit a snag with the Home Office, since Aurier has an assault charge (criminal record) after beating up a Policeman in France. This may just make the deal die, since it’s making it hard for him to get a work permit. Piece of advice, don’t beat up Police officers if your work involves international travel.

Serge Aurier is a great player, but will he be given his transfer? Credit: RealSport

So there you have it! A comprehensive transfer deadline window round-up of what’s to come before midnight on the 31st of August. Can you contain your excitement? We hardly can! We just wonder if Harry Redknapp will sign Niko Kranjcar for Birmingham City this time, to continue the love affair that he has for him on deadline days (haha!)

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Sky Sports

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