The Eve of IT’s Arrival: The Clown is Back in Town

Today is the 7th of September, which means only two things. Firstly, it marks the eve of the release of IT, the feature film reimagining of Stephen King’s 1986 novel, IT, plus, it marks the modern progression from Tim Curry’s performance as Pennywise in the 1990s TV mini series classic IT. You get the idea. IT is coming!

What’s the other thing about September 7th then? Well you’ll have to wait for that second thing now, won’t you?

Yes indeed, if there’s something to be excited about right now, it’s because tomorrow sees Pennywise return to haunt children in Derry, Maine on the silver screen, but the demon shapeshifter will also come to haunt a whole new generation of people who are yet to experience the malevolent evil of everyone’s favourite creepy clown.

IT is coming! Credit:

Oh yes, such is the fever pitch around this film, that you’ll find most cinemas fully booked with people already reviving interest in actually seeing a new film in the cinema for once. In this current climate of bad films from Hollywood and plummeting box office ticket sales, that is saying quite a lot indeed. We’re pretty sure John Podesta has commissioned a private screening for himself with a “Pizza”, if you know what we mean? (Just joking). Anyway, back to the film now…

Well luckily, none of this is real, but it’s very real in the mind of Stephen King, since that’s where IT lives (the sewers), but now IT can continue to live on in 2017 and years beyond with this modern feature film set to supersede all expectations.

Always lurking, ready to strike. Credit:

During the private Premiere screening two days ago in Los Angeles, critics praised the direction, the score, plus the acting from such a young and clearly talented cast, not to mention its faithfulness to the novel overall. Yes, the film hits cinemas worldwide tomorrow on Friday the 8th of September, and hopefully you’ll be braving the occasion tomorrow evening. If you’re not chicken that is. We know we’ll be going.

We are in for a real treat, so allow us to tease you and maybe please you with a little snippet, shall we? Let us revisit the officially haunting extended IT trailer this time… New Line Cinema really brings it!

“Here, take it!”

Young Swedish actor Bill Skarsgård plays Pennywise the Clown aka IT, and after he devours Georgie, the rest of the kids are very much ripe for picking.

The film also stars Finn Wolfhard, Jaeden Lieberher, and Javier Botet, plus with Andy Mushcietti calling the shots, its been well known that they’ve been on to an epic reprisal of Stephen King’s novel since shooting began. To find out more about the production, click here for the official IMDB page.

Now, to make it very difficult for you to sleep tonight, go to bed, put this into your headphones, and get caught up in the mysterium of IT by listening to the movie’s soundtrack composed by Benjamin Wallfisch.

Yes, that should have you on your toes until tomorrow at least, when flocks of people, hopefully including you, will be heading to sit down and choke on your popcorn in a cinema someplace near you while you watch this film through your fingers. This is an epic movie event, and so if there’s anything you should be doing this September 8th, it is this!

The question now is, “will you float, too?”

Brainstain over and out!

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Buy the IT Soundtrack here!

Featured Photo Credit: Digital Spy

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