PES 18 vs. FIFA 18

Today, despite all the sad news of disasters all over America (praying for you all), we thought we’d try to cover something on sport and gaming at the same time, and what better way than to pit one of the oldest and most talked about gaming rivalries in recent times, with all those football (soccer) gamers still pretending or vouching for PES & PES 18, whilst the esteemed football mad gamer is dead set on FIFA & FIFA 18, as a whole franchise being the far superior experience, when it comes to football games.

Not to be biased, but what we have found through the years is that, FIFA is for football players and football mad realists, whilst the PES fans, are more… Well… Devils advocates or are just plain insane when it comes to football games, as should this really still be up for discussion, on which is really better, be it PES or FIFA? Oh yes, we write this and encourage all fans to come out and share their view of which is better and just why do you think so? You need to tell us! Please!

Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Messi & FC Barcelona. Who usually wins? Credit: YouTube

So, let’s begin, in the Red corner you have PES 18, being released on September 12th, with FC Barcelona or Luis Suarez (known biter) on the cover, a team that’s fresh off of losing Neymar Jr. and are seemingly having some problems on their board of directors, which may threaten their biggest stars leaving in the near future, unless things improve. But for PES, having FC Barcelona or Luis Suarez on their cover is a bit of a coup, and this might sway people into buying their game, as opposed to FIFA 18. Apart from that, there’s another unfathomable revelation from PES 18 and you won’t really believe it when we tell you… Yes, watch below and seemingly on PES 18, you can unlock Usain Bolt, the athletics legend and use him in the game. Wait, whut?!

Yes, Konami who claim “the pitch is ours” has the football enthusiast of the 100m, 200m and relay race as a special player to unlock if you Pre-Order it. So, Pre-Order it here and get Usain Bolt! Yes, somehow Konami are capitalizing on a hole in the market, since you cannot get Usain Bolt inside a football game yet, and that’s probably because you’d expect to see him in athletics, but that hasn’t stopped Konami from going ahead with this bizarre endorsement, in any case… Usain Bolt is yet to step foot on a professional football pitch, but in PES 18, anything is possible… We are still scratching our heads… But perhaps, this is the appeal and this unauthentic factor is perhaps what makes it appeal to PES fans, since the game has always been favoured by those that claim to prefer an Arcade soccer game experience, you see? Hey, if that’s your sort of thing, by all means, shoot!

So, like we said earlier, seemingly if you’re a die-hard realist, then FIFA 18 is your game, and if you just want to have a kick about in the park with your friends (mates), then perhaps PES 18 is the one for you, right?

Now, in the blue corner we have FIFA 18, released on September 29th, a franchise which has gone from strength to strength and recently even through a mini-revolution since last year, with the introduction of Alex Hunter and The Journey mode in FIFA 17, which is now set to return with yet more film-like interactive game play, which is actually so addictive and immersive that we were surprisingly hooked last September and October, as we took Alex Hunter into his professional career. But now, Alex Hunter returns and it’s looking even more epic than his first introduction, last year in FIFA 17. So, let’s see the new Alex Hunter trailer, shall we? Okay then… So, strap on your footy boots folks, since you don’t want to sprain a thumb when this game is released, do you?

After watching that, our only hope is that the second season of Alex Hunter in Journey mode, is way longer than last year and that it doesn’t have to end so soon… This was the major let down on FIFA 17, as when you really started to enjoy the Journey mode, suddenly, it was over. Hopefully, in FIFA 18 this won’t be the case (fingers crossed).

Oh and we almost forgot to mention, whilst PES 18, goes for FC Barcelona and Luis Suarez… Yes, with FIFA 18, you have Cristiano Ronaldo as the cover boy, you have motion capture from a whole host of real football stars, plus you have the FIFA stamp of approval, plus EA Sports and Frostbite (AI) engine, plus official stadiums, kits, player faces on nearly everybody and everything but the kitchen sink, in the world of football, but you can never please a PES fan, can you?

So, that about wraps it up, doesn’t it? All we need now is for the fans of PES and FIFA to come on over and tell us why they believe either game is better. We await your comments below and in the meantime, get ahead and order the games right here, direct to your door.

Brainstain, over and out!

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