Coleen Rooney Wants Wayne Rooney To Take A “Sympathetic Leave” From Everton

Whilst the horrible and devastating Storm Irma has been tearing up the Caribbean Islands and the Florida keys, in Cheshire, Storm Coleen Rooney has been brewing amidst Wayne Rooney’s kiss with a strange woman, and a drink drive arrest after a night out at the pub which has skated their marriage onto very thin ice.

Now Wayne Rooney, 31, who retired from International football shortly before the international break, thus had time off and he said his decision to retire from England, came in the light of wanting to focus more on playing well for Everton. On his night off, he met Laura Simpson at an upmarket pub, whilst Coleen was on a holiday (once again). Reportedly, Laura Simpson has been known to track and follow WAGs and football stars in an attempt to bed them.

Laura Simpson. Credit: The Sun

So, Wayne Rooney was caught driving Laura home in her car, and if Wayne hadn’t been caught by the Police, which resulted in a drink driving charge, none of this would ever have happened. Wayne and Laura reportedly only kissed and it meant nothing.

Some believe that Wayne Rooney could’ve been set up and or somebody called the old bill on him. Not nice..

Since then, the English tabloid papers have run wild with the story, as you’d expect, but wouldn’t it be better if the tabloids would just leave the story alone? Every day, they speculate what’s going on behind closed doors and whether or not Coleen is wearing the wedding ring or not.

Now though, after Rooney was disciplined/warned by Everton manager Ronald Koeman to an extent, he’s set to be fined over £300,000 over his drink driving charge. Despite this, Ronald Koeman has given Wayne Rooney the benefit of the doubt and hasn’t banned him from the playing squad.

Ronald Koeman. Credit: Alchetron

Wayne and Coleen hope to save the marriage, so Coleen has asked Wayne to drink less and Wayne has asked Coleen to go on less holidays. Fair enough… She’s clearly always on holiday, which was realised by Laura Simpson whilst Wayne was on his first weekend off from International football. Of all the people there, he was obviously her target of choice.

Promises may have been made, but we’re still not sure if Coleen will ever sacrifice her holidays… She still wants her and Wayne to get away together in the middle of the season for crying out loud.

Now all of a sudden, Coleen is asking Wayne Rooney to ask Ronald Koeman for “sympathetic leave” from Everton and football to work on their marriage. This probably won’t sit well with Ronald Koeman as we think he will be less than impressed with this request should Wayne Rooney ask for it.

Coleen Rooney. Credit: BBC

It seems that Coleen Rooney, despite being a stellar wife for Wayne (presumably), doesn’t quite understand certain aspects of football just yet…

Wayne Rooney has just returned to Everton and is currently working on returning to form and full fitness, and now all of a sudden his wife demands he takes time off of football to save their marriage. As we’ve said before, this notion will not go down well with Ronald Koeman, and we don’t think it would sit well with Wayne Rooney either.

Everton recently lost at the weekend to Tottenham, and Ronald Koeman has a serious lack of strikers in the squad, so will he let Rooney just walk away from work to handle his marriage problems? Somehow we don’t think so, and if this sort of behaviour and antics persist, Wayne Rooney might well find himself on the bench very soon.

Wayne Rooney during the Everton VS Tottenham match. Credit: Mirror

Ronald Koeman has put all the confidence in Wayne Rooney, and for him now to succumb to his wife’s wishes of going away to work on the marriage will just reflect poorly on Wayne and the trust that Koeman has placed in him.

Ronald Koeman has stood behind Wayne and backed him to bang in the goals this season after the media, tabloids, and pundits all across the UK have said that he’s run out of steam and that he’s all finished at the young age of 31. With 2 goals in 4 appearances for the Toffees, Koeman knew otherwise. For Coleen to try to meddle in football affairs about a “kiss that meant nothing” inside some car while she was on holiday, well… it isn’t what the football doctor ordered, is it?

Surely there’s plenty of time between training and matches to work this out like adults. There doesn’t need to be another holiday for Wayne, at least that’s what we think, and we think that everyone else would feel the same too.

Everton have a crucial and difficult away match against Italian side Atalanta on Thursday in the Europa League, so Wayne Rooney needs to be focused on that. After all, he’s a football player, and that’s why Coleen can live in a big house and go on her many holidays, right?

It’s definitely time for football…

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