Why Cultural Appropriation Is Actually A Good Thing

Regardless of what the not so liberal left want you to believe, and despite the claims from angry members of the black community that white girls styling their straightened white privileged hair into cornrows will bring about the apocalypse, cultural appropriation is actually a good thing.

Yet, the politically correct would like to box us all according to skin colour, gender identity, and cultural heritage.

The supposedly liberal lefts vision of a multicultural united utopia actually resembles more of a disassembled wasteland left in tatters. A barren desert where culture is actually segregated and separated in some kind of modern day Nazi concentration camp.

Basically, just imagine a Buzzfeed or Vice article, just far more excluded and racist towards white people, and that is really the true meaning of cultural appropriation in a nutshell. You’re white and you don’t belong here.

‘’You can’t touch that, WE created it’’.

‘’You can’t wear that, WE own it’’.

‘’You can’t eat that, WE thought it up’’.

Check your white privilege on the way out…

At its most basic definition, cultural appropriation is the adoption of one culture’s norms and traditions by members of another culture.

Not a look you would casually sport down the street, but still… Cultural appropriation!!

Tola Okogwu

Also known as cultural misappropriation, it narrowly translates as someone (white person) taking intellectual property, traditional knowledge, cultural expressions, or artefacts from someone else’s culture without permission. This can include unauthorized use of another culture’s dance, dress, music, language, folklore, cuisine, traditional medicine or religious symbols. It’s most likely to be harmful when the source community is a minority group that has been oppressed or exploited in other ways, or when the object of appropriation is particularly sensitive, e.g. sacred objects.

With that interpretation in mind, the left seemingly want to pit every culture, race, creed and ethnicity against each other in some kind of racial mass cultural purity genocide.

So basically, if you are a white straight male, you must be cornered off and sectioned because you showed a lack of respect and did not get the mandatory authorization by wearing that Native American war bonnet on Halloween in 2013. If you are a white straight female, please comply with cultural appropriation regulations and remove any form of clothing, hair piece and jewellery that even somewhat resembles an oppressed culture in any way shape or form.

“Don’t even think of wearing that bindi you arrogant culture stealing white women, or else you will be quarantined along with the rest of you misappropriating figure hugging yoga pants wearing racist white folk”.

The idea that there is ‘white culture’ and ‘other culture’ and everyone must wear a uniform based on what culture they originate with is a similar approach Nazi’s had when it came to differentiating homosexual prisoners from their heterosexual counterparts in concentration camps. With gay prisoners forced to wear a pink triangle etched on their prison uniform to indicate and denote them.

Liberalism is the new Nazism.

Cultural appropriating white female celebrities are just the worst, right!?

Teen Vouge

And there’s us thinking that the liberal left was supposed to represent a Jeremy-Corbyn-like, humanistic, open-minded view where all behaviours, opinions and cultures were respected, no one is discriminated and everyone is welcome.

Not content with getting the Native American head-dress banned at music festivals, physically harassing white students from wearing their hair in dreadlocks and telling off Katy Perry for apparently “stealing black culture” and “trying to be black” in her music videos, the next logical step would be to make everyone wear a coloured uniform based on their skin colour and tone, right? With the way things are going nowadays, that could soon become a dark reality.

After dozens of misappropriating designers and celebrities came under fire for their alleged cultural appropriation, racial groups from around the world are now asking the United Nations to make the practice illegal. Yes, a white person having cornrows could soon result in a criminal prosecution or a lengthy stint in prison.

‘So what are you in here for?’

‘Oh, I styled my hair into cornrows’

While Islamic terrorists, illegal migrants, drug smuggling Mexicans, murderers, sex offenders and Hillary Clinton walk the streets and go unpunished, we can rest assured safety in our beds at night knowing that those monstrous white people with dreadlocks are locked up and behind bars.

Cause everyone loves a Native Indian, right!?

New Statesman

Of course this “illegal” activity will only apply to white people as just as being “racist” is only exclusive to white people.

According to cultural appropriation logic, the white community is the dominant community. By white people ignorantly wearing cultural markers as accessories or clothes and making it mainstream and cool, it not only reinforces outdated racial stereotypes, but the cultural markers in question also lose their significance and become a commodity to be sold.

This logic obviously cannot be applied when cultural markers originated from white culture are used from ethnic communities. The complete opposite actually, it’s a “free for all” white clear out.

I mean, imagine if the same cultural appropriation rules applied to the “other” cultures who “stole” from white culture.

Any non-white people wearing blue denim jeans of any kind would be immediately reported to the local authorities and detained.

Anyone not resembling a white skin tone wearing a cowboy fancy dress outfit on Halloween would be made to pay a hefty fine.

Basketball, although now dominated by African-Americans, was originally a predominantly white sport. Should we sue and incarcerate every single black basketball player due to them stealing something that white people created?

Wouldn’t want to be accused of cultural appropriation AND Islamophobia now would you girls!?

Odyssey Online  

Christianity had its beginnings in the Middle East, so does that mean that black people and white people who go to Church every Sunday should be put in handcuffs and taken away for using something that wasn’t exclusively invented by their race?

While we are at it, shall we exterminate anyone not white and British for even having the audacity to drink tea?

Are we all committing cultural appropriation because tea actually originated from Southwest China?

Of course, that is a ludicrous and absurd statement to make, but this is the kind of concerning dialect that the left write and wish to enforce, and the most worrying thing is they generally wholeheartedly believe it.

There really is no limitation of where cultural appropriation begins and where the madness ends. Cultural appropriation in the hands of a liberal with an agenda is a recipe for ethnic fear mongering and racial segregation.

Those Jim Crow segregation laws may be making a comeback sooner rather than later. Soon you may have to buy your white people endorsed milk from the white people Walmart.

Will all non-European milk drinkers guilty of committing the act of cultural appropriation then, seeing as milk drinking originated 7,500 years ago in a region between the central Balkans and central Europe?

Fancy a cultural appropriating cuppa tea?


Maybe only white European people will be allowed to purchase and consume milk. In that case, can British people still use milk in their tea while we are still technically speaking inside the European Union?

Either way you look at it, cultural appropriation is just another tool designed by the left to paint white people as the villains of this piece once again.

The poor defenceless and hard down by “other” communities cannot appropriate white culture because white culture is the one that is perceived as “normal”; as part of the “status quo”. It’s an ever-present part of everyone’s reality, no matter their background.

More often or not, the argument is that white culture is considered so normal that it’s hard to name precisely what white culture specifically is. We are socialized to live it, believe in it, and accept it. It’s internalized within us.

White people are the all-seeing and all-conquering, controlling the very fabric of time and space around them. Basically, white people are the Illuminati, despite Jay-Z and Beyoncé continuously misappropriating the Illuminati to garner record sales and to generate controversy.

Life of Kylie and erm, cornrows!?


While far-fetched conspiracy theories are amusing, the everyday realties of the repercussions of accusations of cultural appropriation are not.

If you’re going to scream “that’s racist” and start protests every time a white person eats a beef jerky or Jamaican stew and doesn’t show what is considered the appropriate “respect” before another angry riot breaks out, then clearly Whitney Houston we have a problem.

And while we are at it, is it cultural appropriation to use Whitney Houston in a sentence now? At this rate we wouldn’t be surprised.

The problem with cultural appropriation (and there are a lot of problems with cultural appropriation) is that it assumes the cultures it seemingly wants to preserve are 100% percent original, but as history has shown, cultures evolve over time and influence one another.

The humble cup of tea being a prime example. Oh, and before we forget, how many sugars do you take in your tea? While you sip on your culturally borrowed and evolved cup of tea, remember this… There is no such thing as cultural appropriation because there is no such thing as an “original culture”.

Cultures have been borrowing from one another since prehistoric man discovered fire. As such, it would be arrogant for any one group to claim appropriation because groups can’t exert ownership over things or trends.

Yes, give them the well-deserved respect and credit, even a pat on the back if that helps, but to want to annihilate an entire race because a white person decided one day to wake up and have dreadlocks because he was inspired by listening to Bob Marley records is… well, stupid.

Hey Justin, sorry.. we meant, Bob


All cultures co-exist and co-create. In fact, most things have been either inspired or fused with alternative styles to create hybrid ideas.

To claim cultural appropriation is to claim your group is above the mixing and influence happening when cultures meet.

And that is insulting to those within your culture, those who were actually part of imagining that culture in the beginning.

Remember, you’ve just inherited it purely by chance. An angry and clearly misinformed 20 something left-wing black millennial did not create cornrows or dreadlocks.

Music, art, clothing, literature and food are all the better when they borrow from other cultures, and it is all better when we can all enjoy and share our individual differences and cultures.

Because after all, sharing is caring right?

Story By Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: pachamama

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