FIFA 18: Cristiano Ronaldo VS. Lionel Messi

Two of the greatest football players ever and in modern times, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, have always divided opinion of who is better by fans, the die-hard supporters, and by football neutrals. So, whilst we can come out and just state who we think is actually far better, we’ll just leave it to FIFA 18 to do so for us.

FIFA 18, the ever popular console franchise game from EA Sports is coming out on September 29th, and the top twenty player rankings in the game have been revealed. Before we go on, let’s mention that FIFA video games have become like a religion over the years, spawning millionaires, YouTube sensations like KSI, plus competitive competitions that engulf the whole of the online football world just to name a few accomplishments this game franchise has done so far. Even the real life professional football players are getting in on the action.

So, without further ado… let’s let FIFA 18 decide who is better, and more importantly, better this year according to their latest ratings for the new game.

Credit: EASportsFIFA18

There you have Lionel Messi, a player yet to do anything worth mentioning on the International Football stage for his country, and with a disappointing season last year at FC Barcelona in not picking up any trophies apart from the domestic cup. Lionel Messi is still rated at a respectable 93 out of 100 rating. His Pace is at 89, which is questionable, his Dribbling is 95 which is undoubtable, his Shooting 90, which if it is based on precision rather power, than it is deemed fair, whilst Passing at 86, seems also fair, and the Physical and Defensive ratings, seem plausible. Seemingly since FIFA 17, he’s dropped one point in the dribbling department and that’s pretty much all we can differentiate this new rating from this latest FIFA 18 rating. Oh yeah, and his hair isn’t dyed a horrible blonde this year thankfully. Now it’s time for El Rei de Madrid.

Credit: EAsportsFIFA18

Cristiano Ronaldo comes in with the higher rating, making him the best player in the game, and presumably, he’s naturally the best player in the world as well… He has a Pace rating of 90, Dribbling at 90, Shooting at 93, Passing at 82, Physical rating of 80 and a Defensive rating of 33. He’s also the games cover star of FIFA 18 after winning the Champions League two years in a row, the European Championship with Portugal, plus the La Liga title last season. Not to mention two Super Cup’s and becoming the Ballon D’or winner in 2017 as well. Yes, an incredible collection of honours for Cristiano Ronaldo, and with this new season heating up, it will be exciting to see who takes home all the accolades in the 2017-2018 season, won’t it?

From the FIFA 17 rating, Ronaldo has seen a bit of a dip, losing 2 points in the Pace rating, losing 1 point in the Shooting rating, increasing 1 point in the Passing rating, but losing 1 point in the Dribbling rating. His Defensive and Physical ratings remain the same as in FIFA 2017, however, this hasn’t affected his overall rating and if anything perhaps his Shooting rating should’ve been increased rather than decreased by 1 point.

There you have it, folks. If there was every any debate of who is better between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, all you need to do is refer back to this article, and that should settle it for you. Cristiano Ronaldo is the better player, and FIFA 18 has made this fact with Cristiano Ronaldo’s 94 Rating beating Lionel Messi’s 93 Rating.

Now, in case you were curious as to who ranks up behind those two, let’s take look at the Top 20 FIFA 18 Player Ratings and see how things fair for other well known players, shall we?

Credit: FIFPlay

20 Antoine Griezmann (88)

19 Thibaut Courtois (88)

18 Sergio Aguero (89)

17 Gareth Bale (89)

16 Giorgio Chiellini (89)

15 Kevin De Bruyne (89)

14 Alexis Sanchez (89)

13 Gianluigi Buffon (89)

12 Luka Modric (89)

11 David de Gea (90)

10 Gonzalo Higuain (90)

9 Toni Kroos (90)

8 Eden Hazard (90)

7 Sergio Ramos (90)

6 Lewandowski (91)

5 Manuel Neuer (92)

4 Suarez (92)

3 Neymar (92)

2 Messi (93)

1 Ronaldo (94)

Quite a few surprises in this list. Well, seeing Kevin De Bruyne, Toni Kroos and Gonzalo Higuain in the Top 20 is surprising to us at least, but they’re all good players that might not always grab the headlines. Who are we to doubt the infinite knowledge of FIFA 18? Seemingly, even the professional footballers respect FIFA 18 as god of ratings, as can be evidenced in this latest FIFA 18 Official Ratings Reveal trailer below.

So there you have it! Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Lionel Messi, plus you’ve also learnt who the best rated players in the world are right now according to the expertise ratings laboratory of EA Sports FIFA 18. Very NICE! Oh, and as a reminder to you footie lovers reading this, don’t forget that the Champions League is on tonight. Also Pre-Order your copy of FIFA 18 right down here below if you haven’t already.

Brainstain, over and out!

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