Labour Fails To Defeat Government’s EU Repeal Bill

Britain took another big step towards leaving the EU last night as Labour failed to defeat the government’s EU Repeal Bill. MPs defied Jeremy Corbyn in first votes on the crucial legislation, with overall votes of 326 to 290 and a majority of 36.

The crucial EU withdrawal bill has passed its second reading vote in the Commons, much to the relief of all the British public. Theresa May stated that it was a historic moment and furthers the will of the British public after voting for Brexit in June of 2016.

Yes, Britain is one step closer to severing ties with the bureaucracy of Brussels and the EU and this is cause to celebrate. Why is that? Well, as we’ve known all along here at Brainstain, a think thank named the Henry Jackson Society says that the UK is a “leading global superpower”, placing Britain miles ahead of France and Germany who continue to stick inside the EU and will continue to suffer due to the varying problems that the EU brings. Soon Britain will be free from the heap of countries full of financial messes and critical states who are swarmed with out of control immigration, and that’s just naming a few of the problems being bestowed on EU nations.

Theresa May in Parliament and Brexit is on course. Credit: AFP/GettyImages

The Henry Jackson Society placed the United Kingdom at number 2, as it’s own superpower, just behind the number 1 spot of The United States of America. Additionally, The Henry Jackson Society rejected the “doom and gloom” around Brexit and finds that the UK remains a “leading global superpower” even if it’s independent from the EU. Indeed, the UK will be much more of a superpower without the EU holding it back, and people like Jean-Claude Juncker, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron know it. Just ask Jean-Claude Juncker, who’s most famous quote is: “When it gets serious, you have to lie”.

So, we should all take our hats off and thank the magnificent work of Nigel Farage, who for 25 years never gave up on leading the United Kingdom out of the mess that would and now is the EU. What a legend!

The resulting vote last night transfers EU law into domestic legislation, as it should be. “The bill will ensure a smooth departure from the EU block” stated Theresa May, so there’s a lot to look forward to for the United Kingdom. Will the deluded Remoaners finally wake up now? In fact, they can carry on sleeping for all we care, with their false fear mongering throughout this whole ordeal, suggesting rubbish things like not being able to get Easy Jet flights to Magaluf on the cheap anymore, and French wine becoming more expensive, as well as Brie cheese. Utterly laughable.

Theresa May said after the victorious vote in Parliament, “Earlier this morning, parliament took a historic decision to back the will of the British people and vote for a bill which gives certainty and clarity ahead of our withdrawal from the European Union. Although there is more to do, this decision means we can move on with negotiations with solid foundations and we continue to encourage MPs from all parts of the UK to work together in support of this vital piece of legislation.”

Alan Mendoza backs Brexit through the Henry Jackson Society report as the UK is a superpower. Credit: GettImages

That’s very true, but Remoaners blindly think that if Britain leaves the EU, it will undermine Britain’s overall influence around the world. Again, an utterly laughable notion. Let’s bring in Alan Mendoza, executive director of Henry Jackson Society to see what he says on the matter: “For all the doom and gloom surrounding the implications of Brexit, the reality shines through that the UK remains a leading global power nation, with immense soft and hard power capabilities. The lesson of this report is clear: our future is what we choose to make of it.”

Mr. James Rogers, the think tank author regarding UK leaving the EU stated, “After Brexit, some are worried that the UK is about to begin a period of economic and geopolitical decline. But what this audit makes clear is that far from beginning the Brexit process from a position of weakness, the UK is in a remarkably strong position. When you analyse data regarding British military strength, technological prowess and cultural prestige, the UK is second only to the United States in its capabilities. Even in relation to economic or diplomatic capacity, it is consistently in the top five countries.”

The allies of old, two superpowers, just imagine the deal of all deals, the UK and USA dealing, without the EU? Cha-ching! Credit: Shutterstock

So in essence, the UK is much more profitable as its own country, rather than with all the hangers on inside the EU, which is why people like Jean-Claude Juncker and Angela Merkel will be so saddened to lose the UK from the block, naturally.

The think tank also concluded that Britain is more influential than China and India as a superpower. The study of authors determined their rankings on seven factors: economics, technological prowess, military strength, cultural ‘prestige’, diplomatic ‘leverage’ and demographics, and Britain measured up quite well indeed in all of them.

The Henry Jackson Society concluded in their report that the UK and USA hold and command an astonishing lead in global influence over potential competitors.

If that won’t silence a deluded Remoaner then nothing will. The left have been making fools of themselves over the past 9 months, actually no, make that over the past 20 months since Brexit began, but that’s the left for ya’!

Here’s to a smooth and profitable Brexit, and to Theresa May to lead us with a “strong and stable” leadership during the best possible deal out of this mess that’s called the EU.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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