The 21st Anniversary of 2Pac’s Death

Today, twenty one years ago, there was a lot happening in Las Vegas, Nevada. On the 7th of September, just after the Mike Tyson vs. Bruce Seldon fight had concluded, Tupac Shakur was reportedly shot four times in a drive by shooting on Koval Lane. The shots were fired from an unmarked white Cadillac. Days passed, and there was a lot of activity happening on the night of the 13th of September, outside the hospital where Tupac laid in a coma, people held a candle lit vigil outside his window, so there was a lot of emotion both inside and outside that hospital on September 13th, 1996.

Twenty one years ago today, Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur decided to cease his life support and thus 2Pac was able pass away quietly. From that day forward, Tupac Shakur was forever remembered as quite possibly one of the greatest artists that had ever lived.

He was a man whose career was seemingly targeted from the very beginning by some evil force, and also by agencies that we cannot mention. Undoubtedly, he was a superior talent, and his power as an influential artist was felt by anyone who came into contact with him and with his family history, it saw him come up against various troubles, which are not justified by any means, to be bestowed onto anybody. Was Tupac given a fair run in the public eye? Our conclusion is, “No”.

R.I.P Tupac Shakur. Credit: Pinterest

So, we sit here 21 years later, pretty pleased and yet quite sad; it’s sort of a bittersweet feeling with some sort of pleased sense of knowing that he’s some place much better than here and the reality is that he’s even been gone for over two whole decades now.

So, what can we say? Apart from feeling like we’re reciting a slogan from the X-Files, (“the truth is out there”), and apart from quoting something from Star Trek, (“to boldly go where no man has gone before”), all we can really say is “Rest in Peace Tupac.”

Thank you for the music, thank you for the influence that you’ve had on so many peoples lives, and thank you for being you. Now, let’s play this short but sweet homage out, with an all time favourite song, shall we?

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Featured Photo Credit: 2PacWorld

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