Gaming Companies Vow To Block PewDiePie Over Use Of Racial Slur

One of the most popular and well known YouTube gamers has used a racial slur while live-streaming a video game.

Felix Kjelberg, 27, known by fans as PewDiePie, has been YouTube’s highest-grossing star for many years, and let’s not forget the rather scarily huge fanbase, either.

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However, the YouTube star has received backlash after he called his online opponent a “f***** n*****” during a game of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

“What a f****** n****,” he said while shooting a character.

“Sorry, but what the f***? What a f****** a******,” he added. “I didn’t mean that in a bad way.”

Obviously, this could all just boil down to gaming rage, but even so, you’ve always got to be careful what you say on live stream, even if it’s just a spur of the moment gaming rage outburst.

Source: SkyNews

This isn’t the first time PewDiePie has received backlash for his online actions, as earlier this year, both Disney and YouTube announced they were no longer sponsoring his channel. This was due to some of his videos using Nazi imagery and anti-Semitic jokes.

One particular video featured two men holding a banner that read “Death to all Jews”. Another showed a man dressed as Jesus saying “Hitler did nothing wrong”. He was also temporarily suspended from Twitter for making jokes about joining Islamic State. You know, the kind of subjects that you shouldn’t take lightly.

Now, some video game companies have vowed to ban PewDiePie from playing their games in his videos.

Sean Vanaman, co-founder of gaming company Campo Santo, tweeted that he was “filing a DMCA takedown of PewDiePie’s Firewatch content and any further future Campo Santo Games”

“I am sick of this child getting more and more chances to make money off of what we make” he continued through his thread of tweets.¬†“He’s worse than a closeted racist: he’s a propagator of despicable garbage that does real damage to the culture around this industry.”

Sean is also urging developers to “cut him off from the content that has made him a millionaire”.

PewDiePie’s latest controversial video has been viewed over six million times, and his channel still holds up with more than 57 million subscribers.

PewDiePie has not yet commented on the decision, but now we’re left wondering if his channel is actually going to be affected in any way, or like last time, his rabid fanbase will stick by his side and he’ll still be making millions. Though, with what he’s been saying and doing on his channel lately, we hope it’s not the latter. Let’s hope that he at least keeps his game rages, clean and wholesome.

He definitely crossed the line in this latest livestream…


<Story by Emily Clark>

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