Mel B Begs Judge to Seal Divorce Case Amidst Fears of Sex Tapes Being Played in Court

Things are heating up in the Mel B (aka Scary Spice) divorce case against Stephen Belafonte in court as seemingly Stephen is willing to introduce sexual video tapes, indicating that he was not the perpetrator or instigator of said sexual tapes, nor the sexual activity in their marriage.

This of course would counter Mel B’s earlier claims that Stephen Belafonte forced her to partake in threesome’s and in other compromising sexual acts. Yes, these sex tapes were not intended for public consumption, and since Stephen has threatened to use the sex tapes as evidence, this has prompted Mel B to beg the judge to seal her divorce and restraining order cases, so that the sex tapes will not be played in court.

Another day in court for Mel B. Credit: DailyMail

Mel B is petrified that any of the 54 sex tapes will be used as visual evidence in court in their ongoing legal battle, after Mel had accused Stephen of “emotional and physical” abuse during their marriage.

Yowzers! 54 tapes? That’s enough for at least 18 trilogies of high-octane adult entertainment! According to TMZ, the 42-year-old singer admits that at least one of the videos features her and Stephen together and she relays that the court has a duty to protect sensitive information such as this in the light of their three children, Phoenix Chi, Angel Iris and Madison, whom Mel and Stephen had together.

Stephen Bellafonte is seeking custody of Madison and he has also requested visitation rights to see his step-daughter Angel.

Stephen Belafonte arrives for divorce court. Credit: SplashNews

The open relationship styled couples’ marriage fell apart once Mel B accused Stephen of holding a relationship with their German nanny, Lorraine Giles, behind her back, even though Mel B had partaken in a bit of a lesbian tryst with her over the years and all of them allegedly engaging in threesomes together.

Mel B also said that she had paid for one of Lorraine’s abortions, believing that it was Stephen’s baby, a claim which both Stephen and Giles refute. The German’s attorney Todd Eagan previously stated that Lorraine and Mel B had been in a sexual relationship for seven years, since she was 19-years-old, now currently 26-years-old.

The say three’s a crowd. Stephen, Lorraine and Mel B during happier times. Credit: GCimages

Earlier this month, Mel B has also been accused of issuing death threats to a female rapper, Siya Sherman, whom Stephen Belafonte wished to call as a witness, as a person that has witnessed Mel B’s rampant drug use over the years, and also could testify that Stephen Belafonte had never been abusive towards her, as far as she was concerned.

So, what will happen next? Will the judge wish to see the sexual video tapes that Stephen Belafonte has threatened to supply as evidence against Mel B? Or will the couple come to an agreement regarding custody, assets and a resolution to all of this? Only time will tell…

Famously, not long ago on America’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell threw out a thinly veiled joke on live television about Mel B’s wedding night to Belafonte, in front of all of America, which prompted Mel B to douse Simon with a cup of water, then storm off from the judges panel.

H0wever, she returned having took the joke in her stride. What’s all but apparent is that perhaps marriage and the kinky lifestyle doesn’t always end well… Well, especially not in this case anyway.

Let’s keep our eyes and ears peeled for any further updates on this most interesting divorce. This case is most definitely chock’ block with dirty laundry, eh?

Brainstain, over and out!

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