Ringo Starr Declares Brexit a “Great Move”

Ringo Starr, 77, some people’s clear favourite Beatle from The Beatles, has just released a new studio album entitled Give More Loveand in a recent BBC Newsnight interview, has come out to call Brexit as a whole “a great move.”

Well said Ringo, well said. We couldn’t agree more and it’s surprising that the left-wing luvvie’s at the BBC didn’t censor the comment, isn’t it? Good that they didn’t, as sense is something that people really need right now, you see?

So, could people finally begin to wake up to the treacherous bureaucracy and the future evil plans of the European Union, finally?

Anyway, Ringo Starr called Brexit a “great move” and urged Theresa May to “get on with it”. Ringo clearly would have voted for Brexit and now let’s hear it in his own words, shall we?

“Don’t tell Bob Geldof” said Ringo Starr. Haha! These comments from Ringo come just after Jean-Claude Juncker made a speech of how he believes that Britain will “soon regret” Brexit. Obviously, the delusion is real if he thinks that Britain will regret it, and Jean-Claude Juncker added that he thinks the EU has “wind behind its sails” and he outlined plans for even more migration into the EU and with his dreams of a European super state, a set tax for all countries, complete with a totalitarian army, and even a President of all the nations and other insane ideas. Shades of George Soros, one would correctly think….

Thank god the UK is leaving and we share the same sentiment as Ringo Starr, with “get on with it”, and we say “do it fast”.

Now back to Ringo again and let’s hear what he said regarding the new album and everything regarding Brexit, starting at 03:30mins, so if you can’t take our word for it, at least take Ringo’s word…

And how about that ending? With a smile and a peace sign and the funny comment, “we’ve run out of tape”… Clever, hilarious and spot on. That’s what we like here at Brainstain, so do go out and get yourself a copy of Ringo’s new album, if not for yourself, then it’s a nice gift for your parents or even your grandparents, depending on how old you are…

Ringo, what a legend!

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Billboard

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