New Study Suggests Women in Relationships Get Bored of Sex After One Year

A study by Southampton University in the UK, consisting of 11,000 participants found that most women get bored with sex after only one year together, when in a relationship. That’s quite a comprehensive number of participants, and it does beg the question: how many people in relationships right now, are currently totally bored with their sex lives?

The “one year itch” doesn’t seem to apply to men in relationships. Perhaps this is where the world-renowned “three year itch” comes into play, right? Perhaps it’s three for men and just one year for women?

Women in long-term relationships, (longer than a year), are four times more likely not to care if there’s any sexual activity at all, as opposed to women in short-term relationships.

Women in relationships are four times more likely to not care about sex! Credit: Daily Mail

So, if this comes as news to some men out there, then let the word be known about this new information. A survey of 11,508 participants can’t really be all that wrong, though of course, it does sort of depend on how boring you are in bed too…

Some men will be shocked to learn this, some will feel the same as the women and others would have already known full well that women get bored with the same kind of sex after a while. One year is an incredibly short amount of time, after all.

It does bring up some interesting thoughts on coupling up for the long-term, doesn’t it? These important findings by the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles in the UK, this being the third study, also found that 34% of women said they lack interest in sex, compared with only 15% of men. These statistics and more were published in the BMJ Open.

The survey also found that both sexes were at risk of being put off by sex, after past experiences of forced sex. Other passion-killers included poor mental health, STD’s and poor physical health.

Having sex once a week showed signs of anti-aging in women, whilst women who have had more than three to five partners in a year showed a decrease in libido. Women with children under the age of 5 also showed less inclination to wanting sex.

Also, if you and your partner do not share sexual preferences, this was also shown to be a passion killer in the bedroom. Lead author of the research, Professor Cynthia Graham said, “Our findings show us the importance of the relational context in understanding low sexual interest in both men and women.”

She added, “For women in particular, the quality and length of relationship and communication with their partners are important in their experience of sexual interest It highlights the need to assess and – if necessary – treat sexual interest problems in a holistic and relationship, as well as gender-specific, way.”

This study was conducted with 6,669 women and with 4,839 men, whom all had at least one sexual partner in the last twelve months.

All it takes is a year for things to get boring. Credit: Getty

In the UK, women were more comfortable talking about sex than men. Very British, indeed. This study comes after the world-famous Kinsey Institute revealed how often men and women are meant to have sex, depending on their age. Let’s see those findings and stats, shall we?

Age 18-29: Should have sex 112 times a year.

Age 30-39: 89 times a year.

Age: 40-49: 69 times a year.

So, there you have it! Keep the spice alive would be the advice from us, and don’t let mundane tasks come in between you and your partners healthy sexual life (try as you might), even if it can be the hardest task of all.


Don’t let your woman get bored…

Brainstain, over and out!

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