Ben Stiller Returns to the Silver Screen in Brad’s Status

One of the most liked and beloved actors in Hollywood that doesn’t get enough credit is Ben Stiller, and now he’s making a comeback to cinema screens this Friday as a leading actor (no, not in another Night At The Museum sequel) in a mellow comedy the likes of which we haven’t seen since While We’re Young (2o14) in which he starred alongside Naomi Watts. It’s a pretty entertaining and amusing film about a middle aged couple finding inspiration and a new lease of life through meeting a younger couple. Now once again, Ben Stiller seems to tackle a role in Brad’s Status in which the main character is always questioning, foreboding, and almost regretting his middle age status. Sound familiar to anyone?

It’s good to see more independent films coming out that deal with real life issues, and in this film, Ben Stiller visits east coast colleges with his son, which bring up memories of his college days and other events that happened with his life, along with what’s happened since in the lives of his much more successful comrades, who are played by Luke Wilson (not Owen this time) and Michael Sheen.

Take a look at the trailer below. Even though this isn’t quite on level with Meet the Parents, there’s always an endearing quality to Ben’s work with comedic undertones in all his performances, even though this is supposed to be sort of a mellow drama comedy with a slice of expert neuroticism that you might find familiar to his other similar, well received role in the 2010 film Greenberg.

The film’s core topic surely dawns on us all at some point in our lives. Whilst Brad is living the typical good suburban life, some of his college buddies have embarked on high status careers in Hollywood or in politics. Now he seemingly wishes for his son to obtain the status he currently doesn’t have by hoping his son gets into Harvard.

Ben Stiller plays as Brad in the film, (in case you were somehow confused about who he was), which is written and directed by co-star Mike White, who you might recognise from other comedic films. Brad’s Status focuses on Brad’s inability to come to terms with his past, leading him to the present, and also in finding that he feels anxious and inferior in some way; that he didn’t achieve what his friends had. However, he did achieve having a wonderful son, and much of his hope is that his son will achieve more than him, which is emphasised in the film by Brad taking a very active enthusiasm in where his son ends up in terms of college. It’s something most dad’s will be able to relate to.

Ben Stiller & Mike White (who you recognise). Credit: Deadline

This is a return for Ben Stiller to the type of film which he is very well received in, apart from in laugh out loud comedies such as The Heartbreak Kid. With this film’s focus on the social media revelations for middle aged men in comparing their lives in the days of Instagram and Facebook, this film touches on the emotions of middle age and in some people, comparing their own lives to others. Sometimes it’s for the better, sometimes for the worse. We encourage people to go out and see this one, as we’d much rather you watch this film and support it rather than the next big Hollywood blockbuster at the box office.

The film opens worldwide in cinemas on Friday the 22nd of September, and in going to watch this film, you’re supporting good storyline based films, and even though it’s from Amazon Studios, the film retains that it is an independent film, and that’s the sort of work that should be supported. If these smaller films didn’t get the support, the future of cinema will only consist of comic book films, sub-par remakes, crappy sequels, and money grabbing cinema throw-togethers that lack any sort of plot or any real feeling or substance at all. Who wants that? Not us, that’s for sure!

We all need films and stories that touch us in some way, with elements that we can all relate to and identify with… Sometimes it’s difficult to identify with super heroes and remakes of foregone contemporary classic films from the 80’s and 90’s, don’t you think?

So far, the people who have seen the film have scored Brad’s Status with an 82% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so the vital signs are looking good thus far…

Hollywood needs a change, and we feel there’s a change coming in the near future. Fingers crossed for that!


Brainstain, over and out!

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