Judge Denies Mel B’s Request To Keep Divorce Records Sealed Over Sex Tapes

With so many natural disasters currently happening with Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Jose, a 6.1 magnitude Earthquake near Wellington, New Zealand, and a 7.1 Earthquake killing hundreds of people in Mexico, we were unable to cover any of those tragedies in full, so instead, we’re going to focus on the most disastrous divorce trial in recent times. That’s right, we’re talking of course about the one happening between Mel B and Stephen Belafonte.

In an update/follow up on last weeks article, the judge in the Mel B and Belafonte divorce case has denied Mel B’s request to “seal all records” in her divorce/restraining order cases and keep the courtroom “closed”, as was revealed by TMZ late on Tuesday.

Mel B had wanted confidential proceedings to be honoured in the light of protecting her children from finding out, (or being able to be exposed to), the proposed intention of Stephen Belafonte using sexual video tapes featuring Mel B and himself from being used as evidence that he never forced her into doing the videos, wasn’t sexually abusive towards her, and that he was not the sole instigator of said videos.

Mel B looking concerned outside court after the ruling. Credit: GLH/Backgrid

With some 54 sex tapes at his disposal, we believe that Stephen Belafonte has the video evidence which would suggest that Mel B could also have been an instigator and may have been a completely willing and encouraging participant in the sexual video tapes/blue movies.

Everything but the names of the children, reported visitation rights and so forth will be upheld and not spoken of during court, however, everything else seems to be fair game at this point, even if sexual video tapes are introduced as evidence, they can and will be used as their intended evidence.

This is a Hollywood celebrity divorce disaster for Mel B, and only time will tell if Stephen feels the need to use the sex tapes as evidence to refute her claims that he was “emotionally and physically abusive”.

The judge ruled that “salacious details” in court were not enough sufficient reason to seal a case such as this one, so more updates are bound to come. As to what sort of evidence will be provided from either side is yet to be revealed, but expect further news at the end of the week.

During happier days, Mel B and Stephen aboard a yacht. So, what went wrong? Credit: MyCelebrity&I

Stephen Belafonte is seeking custody of their child and claims that Mel B has got drug problems; another claim to back up his reason for custody of their 6-year-old daughter Madison, plus he’s also seeking visitation rights to 10-year-old Angel Iris.

So, who is in the right and who is in the wrong here? Who has more evidence on whom? At this moment, it seems like Stephen Belafonte has the upper hand, and maybe Scouser Mel B is finally realising that Stephen is no pushover, even after conducting a very hardline approach on him since the very beginning of the reports and decision of their divorce. She even had the LAPD visit him in his home to conducting searches for weapons if you can believe that! Mel B also accused Stephen of getting the nanny Lorraine Giles pregnant and paying for the abortion. however, Stephen and Giles refute that claim and seemingly both lawyers are against Mel B at this point. Ouch! How swiftly things can turn in La-La land. Everything isn’t all that it seems in that place of dreams…

These early moves from Mel B may have backfired hardcore. The odds for Mel B to come out on top are stacked against her, with sex tapes currently in Stephen’s corner that may be exposed in court, a clear toxic relationship between the two that’s been exposed to the tabloids, and a questionable marriage being exposed everywhere wherein Mel B was in a physical lesbian relation with Lorraine Giles while still being married to Stephen. It’s good that Mel B has Simon Cowell and America’s Got Talent to fall back on right now, eh? One thing that may have angered Stephen Belafonte over the weekend was when Mel B made an Instagram post regarding domestic violence, after Nicole Kidman picked up Best Actress in a Limited TV series at the Emmy’s. Nicole’s speech focused on the disease of domestic violence, which was so prevalent in her role on the show she starred in alongside Alexander Skarsgard.

Credit: officialmelB/Instagram

If Stephen comes across this Instagram post, will that be enough to push him over the line and use these sexual video tapes in the court to prove Mel B wrong? Who knows? He only needs to do just that to sway the case in his way to prove that Mel B was in fact a willing participant of these sexual escapades. We will see, we will see….


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