Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Released

Sometimes in the entertainment business, everybody loves a bit of a blockbuster, don’t they? Usually those are done in the form of a movie, and usually those movies tend to be commercial crowd pleasers, until they are released and everybody actually is left somewhat disappointed. This usually applies to sequels, comic book franchises, remakes, or seeming thrown together productions. So with that in mind on the video game front, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite has just been released worldwide.

The game has been referred to as “Chaotic and Fun to Play” by & as “Mega Fighting Fantasia” by SYFY Wire

Well, that could mean one or two things, but what it indicates is one of the biggest and perhaps comprehensive and exhaustive fighting character selection VS. beat ’em up games of all time, with some unbelievable match-ups from the world of Marvel and Capcom.

Yes, that’s right and you understood it all right, so before we get into the cool parts about the game like such as the insane combos from characters that we all know, there’s also an engaging story mode to boot too. Check out the trailer below and see if you can actually believe your eyes that these characters would ever exist in the same world. Not even the craziest of comic book plots would think to go this far.

Yes, Chris Redfield from Resident Evil and Mega Man X could face-off against Spider-Man and even Ultron. Sounds pretty awesome so far, right? Once again, the flashy format of Marvel’s comic book battles mixed with Capcom’s refined fast paced arcade style fighting has come to PS4 and Xbox One in the form of a highly advanced game. It comes complete with 2 vs. 2 combat match-ups from both worlds, Infinity Stone enhancements that boost your fights to the next level, and a wonderful cinematic story mode to guide you through your fighting experience, and did we mention that the game has 30 Iconic Playable Heroes?

You can play your own story of progression as Iron Man and encounter Frank West from Dead Rising along your way… Unbelievable! Or simply let Iron Man smash him up in Arcade Mode. The choice is yours.

Game Informer said, “Combos are Incredibly Diverse and Customizable” and said, “The Fighting Game Fans Deserve”.

Indeed, this seems to be all true. The supreme graphics and unique character moves are very much spot on, and additionally very fluid in motion, so if you love a “one on one” or “two on two” versus fighting game, then this right here is definitely worth looking into.

For a full list of characters on this very diverse roster, check this video below out from Mugen Lord. We’re pretty amused at the fact that you could be the Hulk and take on Ryu from Street Fighter.

That’s a pretty comprehensive breakdown of all the characters so far. You can expect even more unlockable characters in future game updates (in the form of DLC, of course). If it’s not enough for you to play as Black Panther and whoop Firebrand’s ass, than nothing will.

So in conclusion, this isn’t just your run of the mill versus fight ’em game, this is probably the most comprehensive and exciting run of the mill vs. fighting game in recent years, so if having a fighting extravaganza by yourself or with friends is your type of game, then this is a must-buy for all you PS4 and Xbox One fantasy fight enthusiasts! Play on!


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Featured Image Credit: Ars Technica

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