Cardi B Knocks Taylor Swift Off Top US Billboard Spot

Move over Taylor, because there’s a new number one in town. She goes by Cardi B, and she’s become the first female rapper in 19 years to hit the number one spot on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Cardi B’s song, Bodak Yellow, knocked Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do off the top spot after many weeks.

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Source: In Touch Weekly

Lauryn Hill first made history back in 1998 with Doo Wop (That Thing), becoming the first ever female rapper to reach the top stop. Now, almost 20 years down the line, Cardi B has joined that list. Many congratulations followed from other popular rap artists.

Cardi B also took to Twitter to express gratitude to those who congratulated her on her success.

Cardi B comes from The Bronx, New York, and has spoken out on her experience in becoming a stripper in her teens to escape an abusive relationship. She said the money she earned from stripping helped her pay for school.

She began documenting her life as a stripper on social media, particularly on Vine. Two years ago, she joined the reality show Love and Hip Hop: New York for two seasons, before leaving to focus on her music career. Let’s see now what this song is all about, shall we? What are the kids listening to these days?

Now she’s mixing it with stars like Kendrick Lamar and Jay Z. It’s funny how quickly things can turn in a New York minute, eh? Additionally, she’s also the only female to be nominated for the Hustler of the Year at this year’s BET Hip Hop awards, which lets you know that a lot of hard work went into her success.

Many congratulations to Cardi B for her huge achievement! She should be very proud of herself indeed. Bodak Yellow is her debut single, so there’s no doubt there’ll be plenty more smash hits to come.

Hopefully Taylor Swift won’t get the hump for being knocked off the top spot and write a diss track about her. You wouldn’t want to get on her wrong side, that’s for sure.


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