The Reasons Why Colin Kaepernick Is A Clown & Why NFL Players Should Be Ashamed

Oh, where to begin on this topic of taking a knee in the NFL… We waited and bided our time with this one, watching as recent events have unfolded over the past few days, but the overall conclusion is that Colin Kaepernick is a clown and the many NFL players who got down on one knee are simply following a constructed agenda of hysteria coming from a very dark place indeed.

Yes, the liberal media are pushing this one very far indeed, right along with the constructed hysteria of George Soros’ evil & divisive group called Black Lives Matter, who’s aim it is to create a racial divide in America. Yes, Hungarian born George Soros wants a race war, so whilst NFL players think they are showing solidarity against police brutality by kneeling down instead of standing for the American national anthem that plays before football games, what they’re actually doing is playing into the hands of the evil Nazi conspirator George Soros, and with his constant attempts to overthrow Donald J. Trump in favour of a shadow socialist government. Yes, the same shady individuals who took America and the world on a crash course towards disaster and are still trying to do so. Don’t believe us? Take a look at Chicago, the Democrat city and look at the murders and crime there. It was a place that Obama never cared for, and it clearly shows.

The puppet master pulling those liberal strings, yet again. Credit: TheGuyWhoStrayed

Anyway, back to football now. Colin Kaepernick is estimated to be worth $22 million. Where did he earn this fortune? Well, in the National Football League, of course, in none other than the United States of America. So, while he disrespects the American flag, does he not realise that America is the reason why he’s got that much money in the first place and the reason why he’s living it up in a capitalist society? Does he not understand that he’s disrespecting his own nation by kneeling during the national anthem? As Donald Trump said, it’s not about race, but it’s about showing respect to the nation and the American flag, which doesn’t necessarily represent the police force as a whole.

Colin Kaepernick won’t recover from his ‘anti-American’ tag. Source: Sporting News

The military, the police, firefighters and service men of America are being disrespected whilst he kneels. Actions like this make people think that Colin Kaepernick’s heroes are Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and people of that sort, which are in fact his heroes. So, if he wanted to go off and live the communist life, he’d better understand that he wouldn’t be worth $22 million anymore. Therefore, Colin Kaepernick is a clown, and no wonder many people in America hate him with a passion, because as it happens, this isn’t the first time he’s pulled a stunt like this in public. No, the first time he kneeled during the national anthem was last year in 2016. If Colin Kaepernick thinks he’s some sort of Malcolm X of the NFL, then he better wake his infantile and deluded clown haired cranium up from the foul line and asap!

This “taking a knee” thing is very much playing into further racial divides, something which George Soros and the Democrats like very much, as they continue to try to topple Donald J. Trump. Thankfully it’s not working; 63 million Trump voters could tell you that one straight up. Donald’s intentions in calling out people for kneeling during the national anthem in the NFL has nothing to do with race, but it has everything to do with patriotism, nationalism and being a proud American. Being proud of your own country and being part of it is a much better alternative to being an Anti-American, socialist-snowflake-open-border-own-nationality-hating-petulant-child scumbag like many of these NFL players seemingly are…

They rake in millions clashing heads, throwing a ball around and providing entertainment in a country that loves the game, so why turn your back on the country that provides you a job with so much money? Perhaps Colin Kaepernick should play American football in Cuba instead, or better yet, how about in North Korea for Kim Jung Un on his own and then see how much he likes that instead?

Colin’s football team, the San Francisco 49ers have not been very supportive of Colin Kaepernick since after they won the Super Bowl, the last time, which is now quite a few years ago. Source: FOX Sports

Even past NFL legends have come out and lambasted this pathetic trend of taking a knee, as well as against Colin Kaepernick, which is yet another constructed liberal circus conditioning act, similar to the fake Russia narrative, the pussy hat wearing women’s march, and everything else that George Soros had hoped it would be. Soros is still going for the race war, after having played and paid both sides in the Charlottesville incident by funding all sides involved within it. Since when do BLM and KKK members arrive in buses side by side, so conveniently?

Yes, George Soros is the enemy within, and that’s no news to anybody these days apart from the deluded people who can’t seem to connect the dots. Since everybody is all consumed about race, due to rampant liberal media brainwashing.

By the way, the best way to eliminate racial tensions is to stop talking about them (words of Morgan Freeman), and the best way to increase tensions is to plaster racial issues all over the media. So, the liberal news media love doing this, and then try to twist it against Donald J. Trump, but these over exasperated efforts to do so aren’t fooling anybody anymore.

Here’s a reality check for all the NFL players taking a knee: when did the cop shootings and the police brutality really begin? Sure, it’s been systematic for a very, very long time. So long in fact, that blaming Trump for it is ridiculous; it’s been going on not only in black and hispanic communities, but in many communities across America for decades. It’s unclear as to how many are occurring and of what races they all are, plus it’s difficult to pin-point each individual incident that goes wrong with the police department across a huge nation. On the weekend, a guy was shot by a police officer outside a convenience store in Huntington Beach, Los Angeles for seemingly, absolutely nothing. Where’s the “taking a knee” tribute for this poor guy? Watch!

Who’s going to take a knee for this young man who died horribly in this incident? Should nobody take a knee for him, because he’s not of black skin color?

On this topic of police brutality, when did this sudden increase of liberal media coverage and national outcry on these cop killers and cop killings really get started? Simple! Back when things were seemingly getting worse during Barack Obama’s socialist tenure as President. Obama is and was a confidant of Hillary Clinton who is so close with George Soros, that she’s basically sponsored. If it was NASCAR and Hillary was a rally driver, she’d have Soros plastered all over her body. Fact!

Anyway, many have been killed by cops and vice versa over the years. Many cops feel threatened, so some react wrongly. Others disrespect the badge and end up on the wrong side of the law, as a result. Is Colin Kaepernick intelligent enough to understand circumstance?

Probably not… Some African-American’s get shot when resisting arrest, some do not. Some are unfairly treated, and some are not. Some police officers are not trained correctly and act wrongly, and that’s a shame. Perhaps people should go take a knee to protest the existence of guns. There’s a large grey area, and it doesn’t come down to only race.

However, to take a knee in an NFL game on the topic of police brutality, when you’re making millions and millions of dollars, shows a disrespect and a lack of education on the topics at hand. If these football players wanted to really help, they’d form together and do something productive rather than acting out as multimillionaire social justice warriors, which is exactly what they are and all that they are at this point… It’s sad that they blame the flag for incidents of police brutality, especially considering it happened more under Barack Obama’s two terms in office and then they go and blame Donald J. Trump for it. So lame!

The first time Colin Kaepernick took a knee in 2016. Source: NY Times

That’s also the establishment news media’s hope, since they try to twist anything that Donald Trump says against him, but there’s enough people out there who are not stupid enough to believe the hype.

So, how many NFL players are giving money back to their communities or doing anything positive to go along with their weak knee stances? How many are actively working alongside the police in making a change for the better? Are any of them forming educational groups teaching minority communities to obey the police, and what not to do when police are present, such as run away or resist arrest? Or even put their hands in their pockets when they are asked to raise them?

Moreover, what happened to Chicago during Barack Obama’s presidency? Well, all you need to do is brush up and read a bit about it here. It’s almost the murder capital of the world right now and Trump has suggested sending in the Fed to help out (read here), which is more than Obama ever did for his home city. The current state of Chicago should be remembered as part of Barack Obama’s legacy, along with a divided nation, which the mass media now tries to blame Donald J. Trump for. So, let’s “take a knee” for our dislike of corrupt socialist constructs using the topic of race to try to divide a great nation.

Brainstain, over and out!

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