Sugar Daddy Advert Banned in Brussels

In Brussels, a rather crass promotion of a Sugar Daddy dating website, which had been strewn across billboards on lorries in the Belgian capital, has now seen politicians ban the adverts encouraging women to seek out Sugar Daddies to supplement their lifestyle and income with older rich men.

The adverts read: “Hey women students! Improve your lifestyle. Go out with a Sugar Daddy.” Credit: TheGuardian

How’s that for some blatant promotion? It’s actively targeting and encouraging female students in Brussels into the lifestyle, especially those who may be vulnerable amidst tuition fees and the rising cost of living.

Rudi Vervoort, the head of the Brussels regional government said his administration had taken a simple decision to ban the adverts in the city centre and beyond. “I‘m not here to lecture anyone, as long as it is between consenting adults. On the other hand, we are facing here a mechanism, in a way, a form of ‘pimping 2.0′”.

Just how popular are Sugar Daddy dating sites? We suppose only the women who use it really know. There’s a whole host of other similar sites and apps already in existence, but really, there’s no need to advertise about them in public places like this, right?

We fully agree with this latest news coming out of Brussels for once. Usually the news coming out of Brussels is about EU bureaucracy, their hidden plans for the further Islamisation of Europe and horrible terror attacks. Not today at least. Result!

All the single lady’s can blame this man for the ban on sugar daddie ads on billboards. Credit: Publica Awards

The creator the website, Norwegian Sigurd Vedal, has said his site operates in several countries and aims to put people in contact with each other. He has denied it being in any similarity to prostitution.

Vedal told Belgian broadcaster VTM, that women were looking for “something more than just appearance” from older men, citing values of “mentoring” and “meaningful mental stimulation”.

Can this be true? Please relay your comments and views on Sugar Daddy dating sites below and enlighten us as to whether this is a new cultural phenomenon on the worldwide web, or if it’s a new form of prostitution? Comment away!

Oh, and here’s the 10 Best Sugar Daddy dating sites of 2017 in case you’re interested.


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  1. 70 % Sugar babies are from college students to pay their college fees and draining Rich Sugar daddy for mutual benefits

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