FIFA 18 Released Today

The mother of all sports games has been released today, which is always an epic date in the annual calendar. YES! FIFA 18 is finally here, so the time has come for you to shun your wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, friends (unless invited to play) and everybody else for a weekend long date with your Playstation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch to play this exquisite football game, over and over again.

That’s what we will do and we can hardly contain our excitement. Can you?

If you’re a football fan, and a fan of video games, then each end of September is a bit like Christmas come early, isn’t it? In celebration of the latest and best from the FIFA franchise, we decided to inundate you with trailers from FIFA 18 to get you in the mood on this momentous release date for the best football game ever. Hooray! Up first, it’s the official game trailer!

The FIFA franchise is well within the top grossing video game franchises of all time (amazing!), since their first release with FIFA on the Sega Mega Drive console, called FIFA, later known as FIFA ’94 (released in 1993), which got the ball rolling and there’s been a game every year, ever since. God bless!

Of course now, even professional football teams are hiring FIFA video game players to capitalise on the popular market of online gamers and to those professional contests which appeal to a new generation of kids and adults that are obsessed with video games. So with that in mind, let’s see some more of just why FIFA 18’s release is a special day for so many people, though not so much for Dele Alli. It just goes to show how much the actual professional footballers are also obsessed with this game to the point where even they become offended by FIFA’s player ratings.

Yes, FIFA is obtaining god-like status in the world of video games, as well as in the world of football, with players like Michy Basthuayi already opening up a war of comical words on social with EA Sports about his FIFA rating. This comes after he recently netted a hat-trick in the Carabao cup against Nottingham Forest, plus snatching a last minute winner in the Champions League against Atletico Madrid in the 94th minute last night. His latest tweet at EA Sports is right here below! Pure banter!

FIFA 18 has almost religious importance for players, gamers and anyone obsessed with football, so much so that everybody is hooked. Now what about Alex Hunter? Can he upstage Neymar Jr. or Kylian Mbappe in the game? Of course, that’s up to you. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Yes, now to really get you even more excited, take a look at this 18 minute gameplay video between PSG and Barcelona, with a lovely goal from Osumane Dembele in the 5th minute of the video. If you haven’t done so already, click our Amazon shopping links down below so you can get this brilliant game delivered straight to your door without leaving the sofa. Result!

With new dribble moves, new Journey mode and enhanced graphics and gameplay, you know what to do. It’s time to buy it!

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Featured Photo Credit: EA Sports

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