Niall Horan Says He Was The “Quieter” Member Of One Direction

Whenever someone says One Direction people are used to hearing screaming girls, right? Well, since going solo, Niall Horan shares how he can go unnoticed on public transport. Former band member opened up about how different he acted in One Direction compared to after going solo.

The 24-year-old singer tells Shortlist magazine how he is not used to having all the attention being cast on him for a change. He says whilst he was in One Direction he was “a lot quieter than the other boys”. Other members included Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, who left the boy band in March 2015.

Talking about his time in the popular group, Niall said: “I’d maybe only answer a couple of questions here and there and let the others take the lead. Now, it’s all on me. Being in such a huge band feels like conquering Mount Everest. And I don’t know if I’ll scale something that height again. But I’ve made peace with that.”

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The ‘Slow Hands’ singer says even though it is now just him in the spotlight, he won’t really get noticed whilst in London. He says, “people don’t really pay attention to me – in a good way. I’m not saying everyone should know who I am, but I go on the tube, or walk down the street, absolutely no problem. I went to Chelsea vs Tottenham at Wembley, and got the Tube there with the Chelsea fans. Nothing.”

Niall is also able to shed his “Famous Niall Horan” tag when he returns home to Ireland. “No one blows smoke up my a**e back home. All my schoolmates, friends from Ireland, I fall right back into that group, and I don’t feel like Famous Niall Horan” he adds. But the Mullingar-born star reveals that he rarely gets to spend time visiting his hometown in Ireland. “I live half and half between London and LA. Last year I think I spent less than six days in Ireland, which is nuts. I spent the first 16 years of my life there and now I can barely do a week.”

Music wise, Niall has recently released his new solo album Flicker. The album cover shows a close up of him with a piercing gaze.

But, he’s not the only one with a close up and a piercing gaze, as Justin Bieber has recreated his own version of the cover. Both Niall and Justin have become good friends and have shown that they like to clown around and make fun of each other. While the two singers were hanging out, Justin playfully prodded Niall to smile for the camera like the cover. He says, “Let me see that mug of yours!” in a video on Justin’s Instagram stories. But as Niall refused, Justin took matters into his own hands and posts his own version of Niall’s album cover. Despite the poor lighting and blank expression, the post got nearly two million likes!

The resemblance is uncanny, right? Do you miss One Direction or are their solo singles much better? Make your verdict and check out Niall Horan’s latest single and music video ‘Too Much To Ask‘ below.

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