Stage Prop Crushes Marilyn Manson During Concert

Marilyn Manson, 48, was performing at the Manhattan Centre Hammersmith Ballroom this weekend, and at around 22:10pm, two large prop guns fell on top of him after he had tried to climb up them during his performance.

Afterwards, a bunch of stage hands rushed to his aide, removed the prop from on top of him, and later stretchered Manson off the stage.

Twenty minutes later, the concert hall went dark and the people watching were simply asked to leave the venue. Marilyn Manson has been taken to hospital and is being treated for an injury. At this time it is not known how serious it is, whether or not it’s critical or a broken bone or even something more serious. Who knows? This remains to be seen and we hope that he’s alright.

Since at this time it is not known how heavy this stage prop was and all we can do is bring you the video.

Marilyn was performing his cover of “Sweet Dreams” when the incident occurred and ironically it comes a week after he said that the Columbine shootings ruined his career at the time, which happened on April 20th, 1999 with crazed High School students Dylan Klebold and Erik Harris, who shot and killed 13 people, whom were said to be huge Marilyn Manson fans. Manson told the Guardian last week, in an interview promoting his new album, Heaven Upside Down, that “Honestly, the Columbine era destroyed my entire career at the time.”

Manson was 1 hour and 20 minutes into the set when the incident happened. Although it is not known as to the extent of his injury, he is expected to be fine, with Variety citing website sources claiming that it is not serious.

On stage before the incident, wearing stilts. Credit: Twitter

It’s strange that he’d topple over when climbing a prop, when he could just as easily fell over wearing those stilts. Anyway, from the video it doesn’t look too serious, so let’s hope he’s okay.

Marilyn Manson has legions of fans across the world and even we’re intrigued and somewhat excited to hear his new album. Can he recreate the magic of this very popular song?

Sure, the video might be repulsive (like most of his videos), but how about that guitar riff and it’s a sure thing, that this song is a classic and now if you don’t like some metal music, you cannot deny that Marilyn Manson is a musical-marketing genius at the very least. Or is he just shock value? One thing that’s for sure is that he’s a very intelligent man.

However, his extreme image garnered him a lot of judgement and surely it also sparked generations of Emo teens. But, Columbine was definitely not his fault, obviously!

We’d definitely be partial to having a listen to his new album, his 10th studio album, just to hear what Marilyn Manson is sounding like these days and just what he has to say in 2017. Marilyn Manson’s new album will be released on October 6th, 2017 and you can Pre-order it here!

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: YahooMusic

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