Catalan Independence Vote met with Police Violence

In an independence referendum vote to secede from Spain, the Catalonian and Basque people in the region have been rallying together their want for independence from the EU nation. Yesterday was their polling day, and since the Prime Minister, as well as the authorities in Madrid, had labelled this voting for independence “illegal”, Catalonian voters of all ages, both men and women, were attacked with brutal force by Spanish police.

Over 840 people were attacked and physically injured by Police around the polling stations in Barcelona, with even women being dragged from polling stations and turning up bloodied and bruised.

The preliminary results of the polls say that 90% of 2.26 million Catalonian’s voted for independence from Spain, however, the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said that the referendum never happened.

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The Prime Minister of Spain defended the force used by Police, despite the truly shocking scenes in Barcelona. Polling stations were physically ransacked by Police, rubber bullets were shot into the crowds and batons used harshly on participants in this illegal vote. Websites backing the referendum were also forcibly shut down.

The majority of Catalonia’s have long considered themselves not to be Spanish, as the referendum results prove, but after violence against their right to vote in what Madrid called an illegal referendum, it will now make Catalonians feel even less apart of Spain than they did before. This has all the ingredients of further civil unrest in the north of Spain, after these horrific scenes.

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The Prime Minister of Spain has declared a victory over the illegal referendum. After all of this chaos, we can’t help but wonder… what has brought upon this voting process in an illegal referendum? The constitutional court in Madrid ruled the referendum “illegal and unconstitutional”, so all in all, all the voting has been futile .

Catalonia is one of the richest regions in Spain, but their desire to leave Spain even more than before could be down to the actions of the EU, and as well as North African migration into Spain, amongst other factors. Generally, the Catalonian’s believe that they will be more economically strong if they secede from Spain.

So, what happens now in Catalonia and in the northern region? How will the Spanish government handle this situation?

Yesterday, FC Barcelona played Las Palmas in the Nou Camp behind closed doors, and some ludicrous news reports had said that if Catalonia secedes from Spain, then Barcelona and Lionel Messi could play in the English Premier League. How about that?

Has the world gone truly mad or is it just us? Let’s keep our eyes and ears peeled as to what happens in Spain as a result of the violence in the “illegal referendum”, just so we can understand where the country can really go from here. One thing is clear, the Catalans want independence, and Spain isn’t going to let them have it any time soon.


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